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Godox Witstro Portable Flash

Godox Witstro Portable Flash

The Godox Witstro (Atom) range gives you excellent manual control of flash settings in a small, lightweight package. It features intuitive controls, rotating head with 90o tilt , and removable reflector. It has a 7-stops of variable output from 1/128th to 1/1 power in 1/3-stop increments. There are various different flash modes (Manual, S1 and S2 Slave Triggering, RPT Stroboscopic Flash) and comes complete with an off-camera adapter base.

But the really special things about the Witstro system are the wide range of light control accessories available which make it every bit as versatile as a studio flash system, and the accessories are compatible with the Quantum Qflash TRIO and 5dR flash units.

Other important features include a large LCD display, simplified controls, a separate ON/OFF button, rotating head with vertical adjustments up to 90°, MF-Assist Beam, Audio Ready function and built-in overheating protection circuitry. Built-in PC sync and 3.5mm sockets also allow any battery powered flash trigger to be used.

  • The Godox Witstro Rage of Portable Flash System combines power, portability and performance in a tiny package.
  • Use the Witstro range in any situation where you need the speed and portability of an ordinary hotshoe flashgun but with real power - enough to overwhelm the sun.
  • Massive battery life
  • Need a fully functioning remote control with a massive range? Just add our Wavesync Commander system or another trigger from our 2.4 Range
  • Need ultra fast recycling at low power settings, allowing any camera to be used in continuous bursts? The Witstro range has it. And, if you add a Power Doubler, the recycling times are halved!
  • Need to use it inside a softbox? The Witstro range have a removable reflector, allowing it to be used 'barebulb', unlike hotshoe flashguns, the light distribution within the softbox will be just as good as a studio flash
  • Need to use a range of creative light shaping tools, just like studio flash? Again, it has it.
  • Full manual control. Most photographers who use their flash off camera prefer manual control.
  • Five different flash modes (Manual, S1 and S2 Slave Triggering, RPT Stroboscopic Flash, and Hi-Speed Synch Triggering).
  • Can be used with a High Speed Sync (HSS) trigger if required. HSS triggers allow faster than normal shutter speeds to be used.
  • Need to use it with S-fit softboxes, beauty dishes etc? Just add our S-fit adapter

The Witstro range includes the various dedicated accessories shown below. This keeps bulk to a minimum, and it's good to know that the full range of Lencarta (and 3rd party brands) of accessories can be used too, simply by fitting the Atom flashgun to one of our S-ft adapters, or, if you wish to use Elinchrom or another make of light shaping accessory, by fitting it to the appropriate adapter. The Witstro range is designed to work just as well with tools such as beauty dishes, softboxes and spotlights as a conventional studio flash, because it can be used in bare bulb mode, so the light quality is not spoiled by the built in reflector that ordinary flashguns have.

The Wistro is available in three models, the AD180, AD200 and AD360. All of the accessories fit these models. If even more power is needed, then the best choice is the AD600, which comes in two models - The AD600B and the AD600BM.

Pricing, options and warranty:
Each model comes as part of a complete kit. Our kits include everything needed to use them straight out of the box, with no extras needed. Like all other Godox products, they comes with a 2 year no-quibble warranty that covers everything except batteries and bulbs.

Please see what Advanced Photographer says about the Atom, in one of their Lighting MasterClass articles

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