Working From Home Kits: Creating a Home Office

Working From Home Kits: Creating a Home Office


Working from home is the new normal for many in today’s climate. Zoom calls, Teams meetings and comfy clothes are becoming more and more common in the day-to-day work life. As well as those adapting to the home office lifestyle, many people have been busy creating or growing their online presence through streaming sites, such as Twitch, as well as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. With this in mind, video enhancement equipment, such as green screens, ring lights and light stands, have been growing in importance!  We are all having to learn to adapt to a new way of life, however, this does not mean that our home setups can’t have a touch of something special to them!  

This blog post talks you through a range of products that will hide that dirty washing sat behind you in your daily teams call, hide that sleepiness from your face first thing during your catch-up calls and give you an all-round professional and creative space to develop your work, business and online presence!  

All the products mentioned in this blog post can be bought separately, however we have also created a range of working from home kits that offer these products, or variations of these items, in one handy packageWhether you want to make your streams stand out and your YouTube videos pop, or whether you simply want to hide that messy background and give yourself a natural glow on your daily 9am zoom meeting (we’ve all been there...) our home working kits have everything you need! These kits can be browsed through and purchased on our website!   

Green Screens and Backgrounds 

It doesn’t matter how much you clean, how much you tidy, or how much you shift your webcam around, sometimes life can just get in the way! Your home is your home, it’s your space to express yourself and relax, however, your business life is necessarily separate and should be divided from your personal space!  

The addition of a green screen or background to your home working setup is a great way to create this separation between home and work during this very conflicting time. A background takes the stress and worry of keeping a tidy house for your business calls away, providing peace of mind and a professional setup time and time again. Backgrounds come in a wide range of colours, sizes and assembly options!  

For those that don’t have a lot of space to play with we recommend our pop up, reversable backgrounds, as they are small enough to fit neatly into any space; they are light and easy to move around, however, they are also collapsible, meaning that you can take them down and store them neatly away in a cupboard or corner! These pop-up screens come in a range of colours, including chromakey green, to help you find the perfect colour for your needs.  

A green screen can enhance your YouTube videos and streams by allowing you to place yourself directly into your videos, adding a professional touch to the content that you are publishing online. As with the working from home setup, these green screens can be purchased in a range of sizes and prices, meaning that you can find a screen that is both easily stored and affordable, depending on your needs.  


 Lighting is a great way to add another level to your home working setup, videos and streams! They come in a range of shapes and sizes, from pocket sized LED panels, to ring lights. The choice of lighting really depends on your particular style and preference, but our kits focus on providing both ring lights and LED panels of different sizes and prices in order to give our customers a wide variety of options in terms of working from home kits.


Ring lights are a great option for home lighting, particularly for those interested in streaming, hair and makeup tutorials, Instagram and Youtube. The popularity of ring lights comes from the gorgeous, round and full lighting they produce, put also the ring of light that is produced around the pupil! This ring of light really makes your eyes pop and so has become exceptionally popular with influencers and makeup artists.   

For video calls and conferences either ring lights or LED panels are a great choice! LED panels provide even lighting to any subject and so can be great to light up dark areas in your home setup to create a well-lit and pleasing environment for video or calls. 

Both LED panels and ring light can be bought separately but are also paired with backgrounds and light stands in our home working kits, such as the Working from Home Lighting and Chromakey Kit that provides a ring light, pop-up reversible green screen and accompanying light stands for £89.99!  


Light Stands

Light stands are an invaluable tool to many industries and for many pieces of equipment! They make your lights a lot more versatile by allowing you to move and adapt your equipment to suit your position and height. Without light stands, your lighting options would become a lot more stationary! The light stands that we try to include in our kits come in two ranges, one being short and able to be placed on surfaces, and the other being taller floor stands that can be manoeuvred around your room depending on your need! Most of our working from home kits come with both options to create an all-round versatile kit that can be adapted to your needs.  


Our Working From Home Kits  

Our kits have been individually designed to bring a range of products together for your individual needs! This range is ever growing and developing but as of right now we have a great selection for you to choose from 

Working from Home Lighting and Chromakey Background Kit: 

This kit is designed as a lightweight option that can be easily stored away when not in use (long-live the weekend!). It includes a 10” ring light and pop-up reversible chromakey background that are both easy to assemble, as well as easily collapsible, meaning that they can work around your home life and be assembled and removed in seconds! This kit is perfect for YouTubers, streamers and makeup artists, as well as those with limited space to play with and those that rely heavily on online conference calls and meetings.  

This kit also comes with a slightly smaller ring light (9”) that can be purchased here!  

Hakutatz Working From Home Continuous Lighting Kit:

This kit is an exceptionally pocket-sized home working option that really works well for those that don’t have a great lot of space in their home set up or recording studio! This kit consists of 2 LED light panels that fit neatly into the palm of your hand or pocket, as well as two light stands. By offering 2 lights, this kit allows you to create even lighting around the subject, rather than focussing on a single area. This kit is perfect for small working environments or those that require more movement in their work. This is also a great kit for those focussed on online conferences and calls.   

 Home Working Continuous Lighting Softbox Kit: 

Shop here!

This Kit is a great addition to anybody that has a little more space in their home office or recording kit, as well as for photographers and videographers working from home! The continuous lighting softboxes in this kit are small sized, lightweight and portable, meaning that they can be manouvered to work around your home life! The softboxes provide a less harsh and more even lighting option to any video call, conference, or online content, as well as photographs and videos. We recommend this kit to any photographer or videographer who has had to move thier studio into their home, as well as anybody who wants more control and more options with the lighting they recieve. 

To view our full working from home range, including the individual products as well as a few other items not included in the kits, click here! We want to help you get the most out of working from home!  

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