We've moved!

forkliftWe’ve now finished our move to our new headquarters. Everything went very smoothly, and the only casualty was an empty pallet that jumped in front of one of the fork lift trucks – or so the driver says…

Our repair department will continue in Scarborough, but literally everything else is now centralised, which means that everything will be more efficient.

Up to now, management, customer services and warehousing were in 3 separate locations, miles apart from each other. The warehousing was contracted out to a fulfilment Company, and the storage costs meant that we found it difficult to hold large stocks, to stock bulky items and to increase our product range. These problems have now gone for good, so over time we will be introducing even more new products, increasing our stock levels and improving our levels of service.

Our warehouse has plenty of space, and we are planning to add a studio and showroom too.

The next few days will be challenging, because it is taking a bit longer than expected for our broadband and phone lines to be installed, which means that right now we are relying on diverted calls to mobile phones, and unfortunately mobile reception is very poor, so our apologies if you have problems getting through at the moment, and we are only able to deal with emails at the end of the working day. Because of this, we will be experiencing some despatch delays too, and deliveries may be delayed for up to 24 hours. We expect these delays to end on the 16th September 2013.

All orders delayed by the move will be sent out on Monday 9th September.

Thanks to our customers and loyal, hardworking staff, Lencarta has continued to expand year on year, which has made this expansion possible, despite the recession and the effect that this has had on a lot of other businesses.

DSC_3277This photo shows our new warehouse before we moved into it. 2/3rds of the floor area is now taken up with hundreds of pallets, arranged in rows, with plenty of space for more stock and easy order picking. The pristine floor paint, which took 5 people 3 full days to apply, doesn’t look quite as smart now that fork lift and pallet trucks have run over it hundreds of times, but it’s tidy and clean. The offices are behind the camera, and the despatch department is in the second large room, beyond the sliding door at the end. That’s where the studio and showroom are going to be.

As a thank you for your patience, we are giving away a 5% discount on all orders placed during September!

Just enter the coupon code move when you place your order.

Our new address:

Lencarta Ltd
Unit 3A
Mohair Mills
Gibson Street
Bradford BD3 9TR

Visitors are welcome by appointment