We don’t usually shout about our new products, we just put them on the website quietly and wait for our customers to do the shouting…

But the UltraPro flash heads are different. We’ve built our reputation on good quality, good value and personal service, but sometimes we’ve lost out a bit on the features that are built into our flash heads, and features are important to a lot of people.


So say hello to the new UltraPro flash heads, available from today in both 300 and 600 WS

  • Build quality: Now made entirely of extruded alluminium, because although the ABS cases used in our ElitePro and SmartFlash heads are tough, some people believe that metal is best
  • Radio receiver: Yes, the UltraPro has a built-in radio receiver, operating on the industry standard 2.4mHz frequency
  • Remote control: Yes, we have that too, our long-range Commander unit can set and control all functions from a distance, especially useful when the flash head is difficult to reach
  • Identity: Up to 10 different flash heads can be assigned their own unique identity, this allows up to 100 flash heads in up to 10 groups to be controlled remotely.
  • LCD display: This allows very precise control via simple to use buttons.
  • Modelling lamp: A powerful 250 watt Halostar modelling lamp that can be set to on, off or proportional. It can even be set to any power you like, independently of the flash power (choice of 60 different power settings). It can also be set to dim whilst recycling.
  • One handed tilt control: The same as on the ElitePro flash heads
  • Adjustable balance: The head can slide along a channel to balance it perfectly, ideal for when using heavy light shapers.
  • Overhead track system: The head can be reversed for use with overhead track system.
  • Auto power dump: When the power is reduced the head automatically dumps the excess power without using a resistor, so there is no build up of heat.
  • Recycling speed: Faster than ever.
  • Colour and energy consistency: Even better than on the ElitePro heads.
  • Flash duration:  shorter than ever, for stopping action.
  • Accessory fitting: S-fit of course! The release catch is also new and better.
  • Fan cooled: Of course!
  • Price: Less than you’d expect, just a little more than the corresponding ElitePro models at present, because we have a special introductory offer which means that the UltraPro 300 costs only £199.99 and the UltraPro 600 is just  £259.99 including VAT.

We’re launching our new UltraPro models at Focus on Imaging, so if you’re going to be there you can try them out for yourself.

We’ve made a large batch and more are on the way, but we expect demand to be heavy and it’s likely that we will experience some shortages for a while – sorry!