The new SmartFlash 2

Originally intended for home studio use but used by many professionals too, the first SmartFlash was launched back in 2009. Thousands have been bought  and it has carved out a fantastic reputation for reliability and value for money.

But technology moves on, so we have now replaced it with the brand new SmartFlash 2.smartflash2_angle

new_old_smartflashHere are the main differences between them.


You’ll see that the new model is smaller, lighter and crammed with new technology. It now has

  • Twice as much power adjustment, going from full power to 1/32nd power
  • More powerful modelling lamp, that can be set to literally any power you choose
  • Modelling lamp dims while recycling.
  • Full remote control via USB port, allowing each flash head to be controlled either  individually or as a group, using the Wavesync Commander System
  •  Uses the same Wavesync Commander System  as our other new technology flashes, so can be used alongside them
  • Precise digital control of power, displayed on LCD display panel
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Twice as much power adjustment.  A full 5 stops of adjustment opens the creative possibilities and allows larger apertures to be used when needed
  • More powerful modelling lamp. The modelling lamp is now 250 watts instead of 150 watts, and instead of just the on/off choice of the orginal SmartFlash, the SmartFlash 2 modelling lamp is fully adjustable to match, if required, the power set on the flash head. The modelling lamp also dims while recycling, so you’ll have a visual confirmation that it’s ready to fire again even if you’ve switched off the ready beep.
  • Full remote control. This allows you to set the controls on the SmartFlash 2 using our Wavesync Commander radio trigger and remote control set.
  • Uses the same remote control as our other new technology flashes. This means that you can use the SmartFlash 2 in conjuction with our other new technology flashes (SuperFast, ElitePro 2, Atom,) and control all of them individually from the transmitter fitted to your camera hotshoe.
  • Fan cooled, to avoid the risk of overheating. It also has overheat protection
  • Precise digital control of power, displayed on LCD display panel. The analogue control and display has been replaced by an easy to use digital control knob, with the setting displayed on the LCD control panel.
  • Smaller and lighter. With the head cap fitted, the SmartFlash 2 is just 30cm long (original SmartFlash is 38cm), 13.2cm diameter (original SmartFlash is 13.5cm), and weighs in at just 1.56kg instead of 1.88kg.

There are other improvements too, for example the body is now made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminium instead of ABS and the accessory mount (which of course accepts all S-fit light shapers and other accessories) is metal too.


Rear view, showing digital display with fast, easy controlsThere’s no doubt that the new SmartFlash 2 is a major step forward, combining new technology with affordability. Of course, we’re not the only manufacturers to offer a high tech, modern flash head with full remote control, but we are the only people to offer all this, with a true 5 stops of adjustment (which some people describe as 6 stops) at a really affordable price.

And because the new SmartFlash 2 uses the same remote control and combined flash trigger that’s used on our new technology flashes, it can be used alongside them, in the same shoots. This is the r system that we’ve now adopted as standard, so the new SmartFlash 2 will be compatible with our future flash heads too.

The SmartFlash will be arriving mid January and will be available both as individual flash heads and a variety of kits.Atom180-12