The new Safari 2 Portable flash system

This is the new Safari 2 Twin Head Kit, which we launched at The Photography Show, 1st – 4th March 2014. To say that people liked it would be a massive understatement – the first batch sold out immediately, the second batch sold out in a week and the 3rd batch has now arrived.

The only negative comments that people made about it is that it is simply too cheap. People who saw it at The Photography Show told us that they were expecting to see a flimsy plastic product for the price, and several of them told us that nobody would believe how well made it is unless they actually see it for themselves.

This is a fair comment, after all our best known competitor, which has just 400Ws of power and which doesn’t have our benefits, costs about £4.25 per watt second, compared to our £1.08 per watt second, so maybe the Safari 2 should really cost £5,100… but it doesn’t, the Safari 2 costs just £1299.99, including VAT.

As we are primarily a mail order supplier, our low price could be a problem for us – but hopefully it won’t be, because we’ve been around long enough for a lot of people to know that we always produce very high quality products at far lower prices than our competitors.

Back to the Safari 2 now… it meets a real need and has been produced in response to customer feedback asking for more power, because it has 1200Ws of power, and there are very few others on the market that produce anywhere near this level of performance, and those that do, don’t have the convenience, ease of use, battery life, build quality or true assymetric power adjustment of the Safari 2 – and they cost a whole lot more too!


In short, the new Safari 2 is the most powerful and the most versatile portable flash system available, and has the shortest flash durations and the fastest recycling in its class.

It consists of a matched pair of small, lightweight 600Ws flash generators, each with its own heavy duty metal flash head. Since introducing it, we’ve made a small improvemnt to the flash head, the change is purely cosmetic but we’ve got rid of the slave sensor on the flash head (you’ll find it on the generator pack itself) and we’ve improved the look of the rear panel on the flash head.
Each flash can be adjusted individually over a 5 stop range (full power to 1/32nd power) which means that this is the ONLY system that has TRUE assymetric power adjustment – all systems from other manufacturers have either a fixed ratio between the two heads or have an adjustable, but limited ratio. The Safari 2 has no limits!

The Safari 2 is unique to Lencarta and our authorised dealers. If you see apparently similar lookalike products, you will find that their specification and physical characteristics, are in fact inferior.

The Safari 2 has full remote control, and the kit includes our Wavesync Commander System with two receivers. And because the new Safari 2 uses the same Wavesync Commander system  that’s used on our SuperFast and Atom flashes, it can be used alongside them, in the same shoots. This is the remote control and triggering system that we’ve now adopted as standard, so the new Safari 2 will be compatible with our future flash heads too.

  • 5 stops of power adjustment.  A full 5 stops of adjustment opens the creative possibilities and allows larger apertures to be used when needed.
  • Powerful modelling lamp. The 15 watt LED modelling lamp is the brightest in its class, and is the equivalent of a 150 watt tungsten lamp. It can be left on indefinitely if required, making it ideal for video use
  • Full remote control via USB port. This allows you to set the controls on the Safari 2 using our Wavesync Commander System. as well as on the flash generator
  • Uses the same remote control as our other new technology flashes. This means that you can use the Safari 2 in conjuction with our other new technology flashes (SuperFast, Atom, SmartFlash 2, ElitePro 2 and future models) and control all of them from the transmitter fitted to your camera hotshoe.
  • Overheat protection, to avoid the risk of overheating.
  • Precise digital control of power, displayed on the LED display panel. The digital control knob adjusts the power setting and displays it on both the control panel and on the Wavesync Commander unit.
  • Slave Cell allows either one or both units to be used as slaves, where the ambient light isn’t excessively bright
  • S1/S2 slave options, the slave cell can be set to either respond to or to ignore the first flash, allowing it to be used with hotshoe flashguns that fire a pre-flash
  • Small and light.

And because the new Safari 2 uses the same Wavesync Commander system  that’s used on our SuperFast and Atom flashes, it can be used alongside them, in the same shoots. This is the remote control and triggering system that we’ve now adopted as standard, so the new SmartFlash 2 will be compatible with our future flash heads too.

Its 5 stops of power adjustment allows a wide choice of aperture settings, it has extremely accurate power consistency and colour temperature consistency,   and it accepts all of the vast range of light shaping tools and modifiers produced in the very popular Bowens ‘S’ fitting.

The heavy duty connecting cable is a fraction under 3m long, allowing the flash head to be raised over 3 m high if required.

And, because this kit consists of two stand alone units, working together, you can add any number of either single or twin unit kits to expand your creative possibilities, with full remote and independent remote control of each unit.

safari2_1head_blackWe’ve thought of everything. The flash head itself uses the same casing as our new SmartFlash 2 studio head, so it’s small and lightweight, but extremely tough. The cable that connects the flash head to the generator unit is detachable, so is easily and cheaply replaced if it gets damaged.The remote control/radio receiver is brilliant, and because it plugs in rather than being built in to the unit, it is easily replaced if necessary. And the unit also has a standard 3.5mm sync socket, for redundancy, which means that it can also be used with any other radio trigger set.

What happens if the fuse blows? Don’t worry about it, it’s a standard 25 amp cartridge fuse, as used in your car… These are the small details that are often overlooked, but which make all the difference.

The Safari 2 is also available as a single head kit, complete with the remote control transmitter and receiver. This is effectively a kit with 600Ws of power coming from a single flash head, and although it isn’t as versatile as a twin head kit it has the massive advantage of low cost (just £699.99 including VAT) and enough power to truly overpower the sun – on a bright, sunny day, you simply can’t do this with anything less than 600Ws.

But it isn’t just a single head kit, it can be used alongside the twin head kit (in fact up to 15 separate units can be used together), and the power of each can be set independently if required.