The Mondeo

The above image was part of a test shoot for a photographer who wanted to try the Lencarta Safari in a situation relevant to him. He’s based in Yorkshire, and intends to shoot vehicles with a great deal of control of the lighting. Most of the vehicles involved are likely to be customised, so the lighting and therefore the control of it, is absolutely paramount.

Here, we metered for the ambient lighting conditions, and then increased the shutter speed and aperture so as to underexpose by around a stop and a half.

The Safari was on full output through a 70cm beauty dish at around shoulder height and heavily weighted down as it was very windy. The lightstand was immediately camera left and approximately twelve feet from the car. I had to pay a great deal of attention to the height and direction of the light, as I didn’t want the beauty dish seen in a reflection on the cars paintwork or glass. You can see the highlight on the front corner, and the shadow generated underneath the car.

The sun (ha!) was in line with the car and the Safari head, but effectively just out of frame. Least ways, it would be if the clouds were to break! (you can make out a bright spot in the sky in the last image). The setup would have been a cross lighting scenario if the sun were a contributing factor.

The above image is pretty much “as is”, and converted in Lightroom.

Nikon D3 1/160th sec ISO100 24-70mm f9

This image is the same one, but put through a mild HDR workflow to lift the vehicle a little, and introduce more contrast to the sky to make it really pop.

The following image is of Dave with his car. The shutter speed was marginally increased for this one, as the ambient was brighter due to a thinning of the cloud around the sun.

Nikon D3 1/200th sec ISO100 24-70mm f9