The Ultimate Feiyutech Buyer's Guide: Which Gimbal Should I Buy?

The Ultimate Feiyutech Buyer's Guide: Which Gimbal Should I Buy?

Feiyutech are one of the biggest names in gimbal technology, producing high quality and reliable videography and photography equipment across the board! Their range of products is vast, with each piece of kit working better for some than others. With this in mind we have put together a handy guide to help you pick the correct gimbal for you and your style of photography or videography!  

The first thing to consider, before we even begin on the types of gimbals available, is which gimbal will function with your camera or smartphone. To address this question we have provided a camera and gimbal compatibility guide in the FAQ section of our website which you can access here. For Action Cam gimbals, you can find out more here.  

This list might tell you everything you want to know instantly, i.e. which gimbal will work with your current camera or equipment. However, after this question has been asked, in many cases there still exists a wide range of gimbals that COULD work for you, it is this question that this blog post will address.  

We have created a complete list of each gimbal, their positives, negatives, and unique aspects, as well as including who each gimbal would suit best!  



'I was pleasantly surprised with its build quality, feeling in the hand and easy setup. It even came with some charge to easily get to grips with the controls straight out the box. Very easy to balance the camera and looks professional.  

So far it feels like I could hold it all day without too much strain. It's small and compact enough to be taken anywhere which is very desirable. It's getting busy in the small mirrorless camera gimbal market and it's refreshing to use a non-DJI brand that is just as useful on set.  

I'm looking forward to creating some great shots with it in the future!' Alice Greenfield (Instagram @shot_by_Alice)  

The AK2000C is the newest gimbal from Feiyutech and is designed to provide a cheaper alternative to the AK2000S. This gimbal offers 360-degree pan rotation, as well as a 2.2kg payload to help create flawless, stable videos.  

The lightweight nature of the AK2000C, as well as its compact build, make it a great product for travelling and vlogging. We wouldn’t recommend this gimbal to professional videographers as more HighTech and bigger gimbals are probably better suited for your needs.  

However, for those interested in vlogging, particularly travel vlogging, as well as YouTube and those looking to begin in this industry, the AK2000C is a perfect product! It’s not too expensive but still offers high quality results despite the cut in price!  



The AK4500 is built for professional filmmakers, designed to help create high quality film and video content! This gimbal is the most expensive in the Feiyutech range but you do get an awful lot for your money and it offers a professional piece of kit for this price.  

The AK4500 offers a maximum payload of 4.6kg, making it one of the strongest gimbals within the 3kg range. The detachable handle gives you the flexibility to operate the gimbal with both hands, proving full control and movability.  

This gimbal, due to its price and sophistication, is better suited to the well-practiced videographer, as well as those that are producing professional film and video. We wouldn’t recommend the AK4500 to anybody that is new to the technology or somebody that was not in the videography industry as there are cheaper gimbals that work well on a more commercial level.  

Feiyutech G6 Max 

g6=maxThe G6 Max is the Feiyutech all-rounder, providing a high-tech piece of kit that is not only compatible with DSLR/DSLM cameras, but also Smartphones and Action Cameras! This gimbal provides professional shooting no matter what your original kit may be.  

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, this gimbal is great for anybody travelling and vlogging. It sports a max payload of 1.2kg and 9 functional modes to give you the greatest options and security when shooting your footage or images. 

 Again, this gimbal, whilst high-tech and high quality, would not be best suited to the professional videographer. Its multiple uses are well suited to many, but for the professional videographer, other uses and a focus on Action Camera stabilization would be preferred. 

 This gimbal is both user friendly and professional, making it the perfect choice for many within the vlogging, YouTube, photography and online content creation industries.  

G6-PLUSThe Feiyutech G6-PLUS is renowned for its user-friendly interface, including the LCD screen that helps the user work through and sort the many functions of this gimbal. Boasting Bluetooth capability, App support, magic focus ring and a 9-hour battery life, making this great gimbal for videographers and photographers alike! 

 Similarly, to the G6 MAX, the G6-PLUS is compatible with a range of cameras, smartphones and action camerasAgain, the portable nature of this gimbal, as well as the one-hand capability, make this a great gimbal for travel photography and videography! 

 However, just as with the G6 MAX, we would recommend a more heavy-duty gimbal for the professional videographer who uses this kit in their day-to-day work.  


The VLOG Pocket is a great, compact gimbal for smartphones! The lightest and smallest of the smartphone gimbals, the VLOG Pocket is perfect for day-to-day videos and images, particularly for those that want footage out and about.  

This gimbal is exceptionally easy to use, just requiring you to attach your phone and go! This is the perfect gimbal for travelers, explorers and adventurers looking to document their activities and lives, as well as produce amazing content!  

The VLOG Pocket is a great gift idea for any age and provides a fun-to-use piece of kit to experiment with.   

SPG2The SPG2 is a smartphone gimbal that improves upon the design of the SPG by adding brand new features and improved specs! As smartphone gimbals go the SPG2 is fantastically high tech and provides many features of DSLR and Action Cam gimbals, including the Magic Focus Ring and Anti-shake algorithm.  

With a 14-hour working time and splashproof design, this gimbal rivals many of the DSLR gimbals in a smartphone design. This is a fantastic piece of kit for any online content creators and vloggers due to the level of quality and the number of features that you receive.  

The SPG2 helps create professional and high quality images and videos with your smartphone, meaning that on extra kit is required with this gimbal.  

Feiyutech Vimble 2  


The FeiyuTech Vimble 2 is both a 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal and selfie stick for smartphones in one. Perfect for Vloggers, YouTubers, Streamers, Travelers and more who want to capture smooth, stabilized footage on the go. The vimble 2 can be used in both portrait and landscape format with it's easy switching mode. Featuring a built-in telescopic selfie stick that can be extended up to 18cm allowing you to capture those head to reach perspectives. 

The Vimble 2A is perfect for any smartphone user and makes a great gift to anybody who loves travel, adventures and high energy activities. The Vimble 2 gives the user the opportunity to capture what they get up to in their day to day life.  

This gimbal is only compatible with smartphones and so is not designed for professional videographers or those that prefer working with action cams.  


VIMBLE 2SThe Vimble 2S from Feiyutech features a newly designed smartphone mount to allow seamless flow between various shooting scenes – making this gimbal great for on-the-go selfies and group photos.  

With a 360-degree POV mode, complicated movements are made easy which allows you to move in any direction whilst maintaining high quality footage. With many other great features such as: face tracking, 18cm extension pole, Hitchcock zoom and a refined smartphone mount this gimbal is a great allrounder 

The Vimble 2S is perfect for travel and online blogging due to the portable size for convenient storage and transportation on the move. With the included tripod you can catch those special moments without having to remove your smartphone. 


AK2000SThe AK200S comes in two models (AK2000S and AK2000SA). Both are pretty identical, however the AK2000SA features a follow focus to enhance your experience with this gimbal! Featuring a payload of 2.2kg and an ergonomic arm design, the AK2000S is a professional option for all videographers and photographers.  

The weight of this gimbal is only 1.1kg, meaning that it can carry double its own weight! This lightweight nature makes the AK2000S the perfect gimbal for those on the move, travelling, or shooting dynamically.  

We would recommend the AK2000S and AK2000SA to all professional videographers and photographers due to its professional build and the extensive features that it supplies.  

AK2000The AK2000 is a high-performance gimbal from Feiyutech that provides steady photos and videos to the user.  

The AK2000 is perfect for professional videographers who need a well built and easy to use gimbal for cameras up to 2.8kg. If you need to add heavy additional equipment such as displays and supports to your gimbal, the AK2000 is perfect for you too. It is compatible with cameras such us Canon 5D Mark III / Mark IV/ 6D / 80D, Sony α7/ α9 series, Panasonic GH5/GH5S, Nikon D850 and other cameras.  

The AK2000 is not waterproof, so will not be suitable for use in wet conditions. This gimbal is designed for professionals, which means it is more complicated than other gimbals. If you are looking for a simpler, but similarly designed, gimbal we would suggest the G6 Plus. 

 The new features to the AK2000 include a “magic ring” feature which allows you to smoothly adjust the gimbals direction. The touch LED screen also adds a greater user experience allowing you to simply adjust your settings with the swipe of a finger. This gimbal also has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi options both for the camera and smartphones using the Feiyu ON APP. 

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