Shooting the "white noise" hair collection for Mai Ha at Trevor Sorbie

British Hairdressing Awards

1A few months ago I was asked by Mai Ha at Trevor Sorbie to shoot her latest hair collection. The images are for the British Hairdressing Awards and for PR.

The competition calls for four images to be submitted in round one, and if you’re successful to make it to the finals; another four images should be submitted to make to final collection of eight. I’m pleased to say that we made it through to the finals and find out if we won towards the end of this month at The British Hairdressing Awards final. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!

We shot both rounds in Manchester, in a wonderful little studio “we are kin”

Despite the studio having plenty of equipment, i always insist on bringing my Lencarta equipment with me wherever I go. It leaves me completely at ease as I know that it’s simple to use and uber reliable. I’ve never had anything fail on me and even if it did which at some point is inevitable, I know the team at Lencarta will be on hand to get it sorted.

Mai’s concept was white noise, with bright lighting, white styling and a white background (slightly underexposed) to give a little bit of interest. Mai’s hair work is incredible and her creativity and precision amongst the best I’ve seen which made it a really exciting job to work on.

Because the concept was very crisp and clean, some movement was added to the hair to give another dimension to the shot. The movement in this blue bob illustrates perfectly how adding movement to an image can completely transform it………..

trevor-sorbie-3The hair was brushed straight with the model standing out of shot. The model then stepped into shot, allowing the hair to swing forward as she did. As you can imagine, it took a fair few attempts before we nailed the shot but the end result was well worth it.

4 With this shot, the appearance of movement was created with the technique used in the hair, rather than the model actually moving. In fact, the hair was placed so precisely that the model couldn’t move at all! What was even more magical is that because of the technique used to give that watery wave, we only had a few minutes to nail the shot before the hair returned to being completely straight.

My set up for all of these shots had to be consistent throughout and i kept it very simple with the below lighting……..3I used two Lencarta smart flash 2 to light my background fitted with soft boxes and my single key light was the Lencarta Elite Pro fitted with one of my favourite tools; the high intensity reflector.

I shot directly below my light source and the boom arm makes that possible and very safe to do so. It keeps all of the wires out of my way so I’m free to move around at ease.

You can see more of my work at and join me across on instagram at @tonylebritton

Happy shooting!!