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Why Photographers are Switching to Paper Photography Backgrounds

Why Photographers are Switching to Paper Photography Backgrounds

The Best Backdrops for Photography and Videography

Backdrops have always been a popular item with photographers. In the 1960s, world renowned photographers such as David Bailey and Terrance Donavan became popular for their unique styles and look in the studio. Using a simple white backdrop, David Bailey adopted this simple look to create stunning black and white portraits capturing style, emotion, and beauty - all whilst his clients were stood against a white wall or sheet of paper.

In the present-day, paper backgrounds are used more than ever for a large range of photography. E-commerce is one of the most popular types to use white paper rolls due to the nature of online images presented on a white background. This makes companies comply with Amazon and eBay regulations, and other online e-commerce shops' regulations. Our range of paper rolls are a great choice for any photographer or videographer, whether they’re a beginner or professional.

White Photography BackgroundWhite Photography Background

Why Paper?

The great thing about the Lencarta paper rolls is that each one comes on a 10m roll so if your background was to ever get creased or marked over time you can simply just cut off that section of background and you are left with a brand-new white background. Studio backgrounds can be a little harder to put up rather than pop up, so having 10m will last you a long time in the studio.

Wrinkle Free 

When you first use the backgrounds they are completely wrinkle free, and remain that way with careful use. We recommend taking shoes off when using the backgrounds and taping them to the floor with masking tape. This is a huge advantage over other styles such as cotton folding backgrounds where stains and marks are not easily removable.

E-commerce and Portrait Photography 

White rolls are also a great choice for other types of photography such as newborn, portrait, product and wedding shoots. White backgrounds are also great when using cut-out tools in Photoshop. The contrasting white against your product will allow you to easily see corners and edges for the cut-out.

Chroma key 

Our other colors in the paper roll range include grey, white and green. Similar to white, the grey and black are great choices for portrait and product photography with the darker colors adding mood and contrast to your shots. The green is a great choice for video work, live streaming and YouTube. It also allows photographers or videographers to edit the photo and digitally insert details that the studio set up is lacking or missing. You can use this technique both indoors and outdoors.

Each of our rolls come attached on a reinforced cardboard tube reducing the chances of any creasing or bending when mounted to a background support kit. We also offer a 6 months warranty on each background just in case you’re not 100% happy with your product. We also send plastic caps on the end of each paper background to reduce any chances of damage of wear and tear during transit.


To Conclude

Paper backgrounds are truly the most versatile, cost-effective and consistent photography background available. The ability to just cut a brand new piece when it has been dirtied is a time-saver. No longer will you have to wait until your fabric background has been through a washing cycle! 

Check out our range of paper backgrounds below, each come with a 6 month warranty included.

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