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Here you can find the latest news and announcements about Lencarta and our other affiliated brands.

Introducing: 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas

Deep Parabolic Umbrellas As part of our commitment to continually improve our products, we’ve developed a range of large, inexpensive 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, which have been designed to create a true parabolic effect, which produces extremely even, focussed lighting that has minimal light spread, even at longer distances. Available in three flavours, you can get this umbrella in silver

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Why won't Lencarta be at The Photography Show?

We’ve been to the last 6 shows, we started small and have taken a larger stand each year, but this year we’ve decided that attending the show would be wrong for both our customers and for us. Here at Lencarta, like all true manufacturers, we are constantly working to improve our existing products and to develop new ones, and right

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Lencarta award, Best Mono Flash

We’re pretty proud of this award, there’s a nice warm glow when the readers of a leading magazine vote for one of our products, it’s worth so much more to us than any of the other awards that have been made to our products. The award is for our SuperFast 600, we’ve sold vast numbers  of them so far. We’ve

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Superfast, flour and a quiet bang!

So, we did a shoot using party poppers. It had a serious purpose, to demonstrate the action-freezing potential of our SuperFast flash heads, but it was a fun shoot, with all sorts of unexpected challenges to overcome. Here’s the final shot, which is a composite, and the video that we made of it is above.

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The new Safari 2 Portable flash system

This is the new Safari 2 Twin Head Kit, which we launched at The Photography Show, 1st – 4th March 2014. To say that people liked it would be a massive understatement – the first batch sold out immediately, the second batch sold out in a week and the 3rd batch has now arrived. The only negative comments that people

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Lencarta at The Photography Show

The Photography Show replaces Focus on Imaging, and of course we’re all hoping that it will be even better! We’ll be there of course, you’ll find us on Stand L20 and you’ll also find some of our products being used on the big stage, because we’re the official supplier of flash equipment to the show. A local kickboxing team will

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The new SmartFlash 2

Originally intended for home studio use but used by many professionals too, the first SmartFlash was launched back in 2009. Thousands have been bought  and it has carved out a fantastic reputation for reliability and value for money. But technology moves on, so we have now replaced it with the brand new SmartFlash 2. Here are the main differences between

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Real world tests on the Lencarta SuperFast flash

This blog entry is extremely long, and it also has all the usual, boring data – but it’s this data that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the products, so please bear with me… There are two models, the SuperFast 300 and the SuperFast600. And there’s the radio trigger to test as well, the radio trigger is actually a combined

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We've moved!

We’ve now finished our move to our new headquarters. Everything went very smoothly, and the only casualty was an empty pallet that jumped in front of one of the fork lift trucks – or so the driver says… Our repair department will continue in Scarborough, but literally everything else is now centralised, which means that everything will be more efficient.

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Lencarta is moving to new premises!

Sorry, but there will be a delivery delay on orders  until the move has been completed Up until now, we have contracted out our warehousing and despatch needs to a facility in the south of England. They have done a great job but our growth over the last few years means that we are now moving into our own headquarters

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Is continuous lighting the new flash?

More and more people are now moving from studio flash to continuous lighting. They often tell me that it seems much easier than flash, although using flash is in fact a very easily learned skill. Just a few years ago, that option really wasn’t there, because the continuous lights that we used to have, known in the USA at “hot

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The new SuperFast flash heads from Lencarta

Well, we launched our new SuperFast flash heads at Focus on Imaging, people queued  up to buy them and full details are on the Lencarta website, but it’s clear from some of the questions that are being asked that this new technology isn’t as easy to understand as we hoped, so I thought it might be best to go into

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After Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus is now over for another year – or at least until we start organising the next one… I feel that we’ve been going to Focus for ever, but in fact it’s been just the last 3 years, and the size of the stand has increased with a big jump each time, keeping pace with the growth of Lencarta. The

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We don’t usually shout about our new products, we just put them on the website quietly and wait for our customers to do the shouting… But the UltraPro flash heads are different. We’ve built our reputation on good quality, good value and personal service, but sometimes we’ve lost out a bit on the features that are built into our flash

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Lencarta, Canon and LFW…

A lot of people are very impressed by the spectacular Canon stand at London Fashion Week, which opened on Sunday. The Canon stand is lit by 5 of our 120 cm Profold  and 6 of our 150cm Profold softboxes and have been asking whether Lencarta and Canon have joined forces. I wish… What actually happened here is that Mitchell Brewer

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Lencarta at Focus, stand F20

Focus on Imaging that is,  at the NEC Birmingham, 4th – 7th March. And the clock is ticking. It seems to me that we’ve been exhibiting at Focus for ever, but we’ve only actually been there for the last two years. The year before last we just dipped a very cautious toe into the water and had a tiny space,

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Focus on Imaging

This is an update on my earlier blog, I’ve updated it because I can now tell you about the new products that have now arrived in stock… Focus on Imaging, at the NEC Birmingham,  4th – 7th March this year, is always a big event for us as well as for many of  our customers. It’s big for us because

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Real world tests on the Safari Li-on

Something I’ve been meaning to finish for a while but these tests are pretty  boring to actually do – but all done now. The first thing to test was the number of flashes from a battery charge – which isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. People keep comparing the Safari Li-on with the Elinchrom Quadra – now the Quadra

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