Margate Scooter Shoot

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than down by the sea with six scooters and their very proud owners. This shoot was commissioned by a long term commercial client of mine, who recently had his 1968 Lambretta SX200 fully restored to it’s original condition. He decided that the completed restoration deserved to be photographed properly so gave me a call. He also decided to invite a few friends so I had plenty to shoot.

He had requested some shots facing out to sea which meant the sun (when it was out)  was over my right shoulder at this time of day. This was giving me some deep shadow issues on parts of the scooters which needed to be controlled with some fill flash. Lighting wise I kept it very simple with a Lencarta Safari Classic power pack and a single head with standard reflector. This setup was used for all the shots displayed here.

Initially we had a fair bit of sea mist rolling in which was killing detail in the sky. Under exposing the sky managed to bring back enough to make a pleasing image and a subtle graduation in Photoshop did the rest. The above two shots were taken at 1/125th sec at f16 with the  Lencarta Safari Classic on 1/4 power.

Now I started shooting into the sun and needed to call on all 600ws of power from the Lencarta Safari Classic to balance the exposure. This shot was taken at 1/125th sec at f22 under exposing the sky again to bring out as much colour and detail as possible. Anyone who knows Margate well will appreciate the use of the “shell lady” to hide the ugly block of flats on the horizon 😉

And my biggest tip from the day… When shooting at such small apertures make sure you clean your camera’s sensor before hand. At f16 and smaller every little spec on your sensor will be jumping out at you in Photoshop 🙂

All shots taken on a Nikon D3 and AF-S 28-70mm f2.8