Lencarta, Canon and LFW…

Lencarta softboxes lighting the Canon standA lot of people are very impressed by the spectacular Canon stand at London Fashion Week, which opened on Sunday.

The Canon stand is lit by 5 of our 120 cm Profold  and 6 of our 150cm Profold softboxes and have been asking whether Lencarta and Canon have joined forces.

I wish…

What actually happened here is that Mitchell Brewer of Large Creative, the specialist creative designers who work with Canon, approached us with all sorts of technical questions about how they could create a spectacular display for Canon at London Fashion Week, and by pure luck we were able to help, so they bought some softboxes.

Of course, it wasn’t all about our technical support, the fact that they wanted the option of having  perfectly round Another view of the Canon stand with Lencarta softboxessoftboxes (because  these softboxes are supplied with free circular masks) helped, and as a bonus they are a fraction of the price of similar items from other manufacturers. Although Canon is a massive Company, they still need to get value for money – don’t we all?

Canon are a very welcome addition to our customer list, and we’re proud to also be the supplier of choice to various government departments, local authorities, universities and Photography colleges as well as to thousands of respected pro photographers and enthusiasts.

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