Lencarta at The Photography Show

The Photography Show replaces Focus on Imaging, and of course we’re all hoping that it will be even better!

We’ll be there of course, you’ll find us on Stand L20 and you’ll also find some of our products being used on the big stage, because we’re the official supplier of flash equipment to the show.

A local kickboxing team will be demonstrating their skills each day, and our very own Jeremy Nako has volunteered (?) to demonstrate how to photograph them, using our SuperFast flash heads, which of course can freeze even the fastest action with their incredibly short flash duration of just 1/2000th second.

fla015_angle_What’s going to be on our actual stand though?
Well, we’re going to take along  a representative selection of our tried and tested products, and there are a lot of brand new things too…
Perhaps the most exciting of these will be our new portable flash system, we’re launching it at the show and it will be on our website just before then. We wish we could tell you more right now, but we can’t. Make sure you call in at our stand, and see it for yourself.

The new SmartFlash 2 will be there of course, this is our brand new entry level studio flash with a full 5 stops of adjustment, a fully adjustable modelling lamp and full remote control.

fla017_left1And it’s big brother will be there too, the ElitePro 2, which is available in both 300Ws and 600Ws flavours, and which has all the features of the SmartFlash and with extras too, for example it has both S1 and S2 slave functions, which means that it can be set to disregard the pre-flash from a hotshoe flashgun – event photographers will like that, because it means that it will also ignore the flash from other people in the room.

And there’s the Atom barebulb flash system too, in both 180Ws and 360Ws flavours. This is a new product that provides atomblackreal power for location shooters, for the first time, and the ability to use it barebulb and so light softboxes etc evenly gives it enormous creative possibilities.

And there’s the SuperFast, the only flash head that can recycle 20 times per second, allowing action shots to be taken in “machine gun mode” with even the fastest camera, and which freezes all action.

There’s some very good news about the SuperFast, but again we can’t announce it until the show starts.

And you know what? Every one of these new products uses the same Wavesync Commander remote control/flash trigger system, which means that you can mix and match different flash heads in the same shoot, and have full, independent control of all of them.

Lencarta isn’t just about flash though, we also have our legendary folding softboxes, with honeycombs available too, a host of small accessories, the best lighting stands and boom arms you can get, beauty dishes and a shed load of different modifiers. Unfortunately space doesn’t allow us to take everything, but we’ll take along everything we can.

CON005_ed1000_angle-400x400And, on the subject of non-flash, we have the LED1000, an LED light that looks just like a flash head and that can take exactly the same modifiers. It’s unbelievably cool running, and has become the firm favourite of people who prefer to use continuous lighting, as well as for people who shoot video.

The only bad news about the show is that all of our staff will be there, so we won’t be able to send out orders until we’re back from the show, and email replies will be slow.