How to combine natural and flash lighting for dramatic results!


As a creative, I’ m constantly looking at how i can use or incorporate every day sights, textures, colours and forms within my work.

The inspiration for this shoot was from the light spilling through the blinds of my bedroom window and the incredible shadow it left across the floor.


I placed my hand into the light and watched how the shadows wrapped around it. I knew I had to work this into a shoot somehow.

I knew to get the effect that I wanted, I’d need strong……CONSISTENT sunlight. That immediately ruled out shooting reliably in the UK so I decided to shoot this in Mijas Spain during August.


Target models sent me the incredible Olga to shoot with. I sent her for a little pamper on the morning of the shoot to have her nails manicured, hair prepped and took the decision to bleach her eyebrows. It just took the shoot to a whole new editorial level.

She arrived a couple of hours later and her make-up was started by Liza Mayne. Olga had the most incredible blue eyes which we really wanted to accentuate with the addition of a heavy smokey eye. Her limbs were long and thin and she moved like a dream.


Prior to the shoot I visited a local DIY store and then built a wooden frame with dowel attached across it horizontally to use as my “shadow maker” We were shooting outside to take full use of the sun’s strength. I had to set my laptop and camera under a parasol so i could work in the shade and stop my equipment overheating in the 40 degree heat! Unfortunately, the model and the rest of the team didn’t get such luxuries and a dive into the pool at the end of the day was more than welcomed.


I simply blu tacked some black paper to the villa wall to create my backdrop and we were ready to go.


To give me come control and to slightly soften the shadows on the model, i used a large octobox behind me with a Lencarta Elite pro flash head. Slight adjustments had to be made throughout the shoot according to the time and sun intensity.

I shot with a 100mm macro lens to give me that crisp skin texture and retouching enhanced that. Retouching also added a grain to the images.

I hope you like the collection…….

olga4 olga3 olga2 olga1olga5

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