Affiliate Recommendations: Godox, Feiyutech, Life of Photo

Affiliate Recommendations: Godox, Feiyutech, Life of Photo

Our affiliate network use our products on a daily basis and so they are the best people to ask for recommendations when viewing our range! We asked our affiliates to reccomend a product from our entire website, as well as give a quick statement as to why they like it and why they recommend it. 

The affiliates we work with focus on a unique industry or style to cover a wide range of expertise! We branch out to photographers, videographers and online content creators that we feel can offer something new and exciting to our business and that would also benefit from the products that we can offer them. 

This blog will focus on the products that our affiliates recommend, but I would also like to introduce you to these amazingly creative individuals and give you the opportunity to view their work! 

Thom Bateman: The AD600 Pro Extension Head

Thom Bateman is an exceptionally talented photographer who creates stunning images of cars and automobiles! His editing skills are nothing short of pure expertise and the end result of his images are out of this world. You can see his work on his social media (Instagram: @thombatemanphoto) or on his website which you can access here

View his post production process

Thom Bateman has reccomended the AD600 Pro extension head, a handy tool that helps you get more out of your AD600 Pro flash head! The AD600 Pro extension head grants greater mobility to the AD600 Pro. By connecting to the AD600 Pro you are able to get the same power outlet from any angle or height that you wish through the handheld function!

Thom Bateman states: 

“The extension head is essential for my automotive work as it allows me to carry the strobe around the vehicle and hold the light above the car without the weight of the full unit. It allows me to get the light into the absolute optimum position and angle for the exposure I need and allows me to work in a much faster way than using light stands for the type of multiple exposure work that I do."

AD600 Pro extension head

Mark Christian: The Godox VL150 

MC is an amazing videographer and photographer who produces a wide range of content across his platforms, including his YouTube channel which hosts an array of  insightful and brilliant videos! With a keen eye for what looks good and the ability to execute his visions to an exceptionally high standard, MC is the one to watch! View his work over on his YouTube channel which you can access here, or through his Instagram @markchristiankc. 

MC has recommended the Godox VL150 continuous light! The VL150 LED Video Light from Godox is a lightweight and compact LED light suitable for portraits, product, location and video-based applications such as interviews, cinematography. It is a brilliant addition to the Godox range and provides high quality lighting to any studio or project.

 The VL150 light is operated by an external controller, keeping it both compact and lightweight perfect for travelling to locations. The VL150 also features a Bowens type S-fit fitting allowing you to attach a large range of accessories and modifiers.


MC talks about the VL150 in his YouTube video on this product.

Dave Massen: Black and White Pop-Up Background 

Dave Massen is a highly talented photographer who produces amazing images and content centered around the subject of the person. His images are visually stunning and created with incredible attention to detail in terms of lighting, pose, location and setting! Dave's work speaks for itself but I know I won't be the only one to be blown away by his talent. 

You can view Dave Massen's work on his social media (Instagram: @davemassen) as well as on his website which you can access here

Dave has recommended the Life of Photo Reversible Black and White Pop-Up Background! He states: 

"The reason I chose this is because it is such an underrated product to have in your kit. I do a lot of shooting at locations rather than studios and it gives you a solid background if you don't have one where you are working. It also doubles up (White side) as an amazing reflector when needing to bounce light into a shot. I have used this on beaches to both reflect light and also the black side to dampen down light or flag off light coming in. It folds up to a reasonable size so is portable, even abroad." 

White Pop-Up Background
Black Pop Up Background
This background is useful due to its lightweight and portable design, as well as the versatile colours provided. This product is a great addition to any studio or shoot as it is easy to use, easy to transport, as well as highly effective at providing great results.

View Dave On Shoot 

Alice Greenfield: Feiyutech AK2000C

Alice Greenfield is our newest affiliate and a photographer that we have all been excited to work with here at Lencarta! Her work is simply stunning and amazingly creative. A scroll through Alice's social media profiles or website will demonstrate the relaxed and effortless nature of her work that is so hard to produce! Her ability to focus on a single object or subject in an often vast and sublime setting produces an awe-inspiring effect to her images that is unparalleled.

Alice has recommended the new Feiyutech AK2000C gimbal stabiliser! As a more affordable option to the AK2000S, the AK2000C is a fantastic gimbal at a great price. Offering follow focus, 360 degree rotation and a max payload of 2.2kg, the AK2000C is a great addition to any videographer or photographer's kit bag! 


Alice states:

"I  was pleasantly surprised with its build quality, feeling in the hand and easy setup. It even came with some charge to easily get to grips with the controls straight out the box. Very easy to balance the camera and looks professional. So far it feels like I could hold it all day without too much strain. It's small and compact enough to be taken anywhere which is very desirable.

It's getting busy in the small mirrorless camera gimbal market and it's refreshing to use a non-DJI brand that is just as useful on set. I'm looking forward to creating some great shots with it in the future!"

You can view Alice's work on her website, which you can access here, or on her social media (@shot_by_alice) 

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