Introducing: 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas

Deep Parabolic Umbrellas

As part of our commitment to continually improve our products, we’ve developed a range of large, inexpensive 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, which have been designed to create a true parabolic effect, which produces extremely even, focussed lighting that has minimal light spread, even at longer distances.

Available in three flavours, you can get this umbrella in silver reflective, white reflective and shoot-through.

Lencarta 130cm White Reflective Umbrella

Our latest umbrella range, this is the 130cm White Reflective Deep Parabolic Umbrella

The benefit of the silver reflective umbrella is that it creates striking specular reflections that add pzazz, ideal for fashion and beauty photography when you want your photo to grab attention.

Our white reflective umbrella has a similar effect and creates a softer light, which is kinder to your subject and creates a smoother, more forgiving light than the silver reflective.

Finally our shoot-through umbrella is the ideal tool for creating a very soft diffused light. The UV coated diffusing materials allows for a greater spread of light whilst increasing the quality of the light that passes through it.

Lencarta's Reflective Mask for 130cm Deep Parabolic Shoot-Through Umbrellas

Our reflective mask has been designed for the 130cm Shoot-Through Deep Parabolic Umbrella – also available is a diffusing mask for reflective umbrellas

And there’s more! We’ve also developed circular masks for our 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, available in two flavours – a reflective and a diffusing mask. The reflective mask (seen here) has a high quality heat resistant fabric with a silver side to help bounce any remaining light in the umbrella through the diffusing fabric of the shoot-through umbrella, creating even more diffused light, and reducing unwanted light spread.

Our diffusing mask on the other hand is best used on our reflective umbrellas, allowing the light bounced from the reflective surface to pass through the UV coated diffusing material to create a softer light (but not as soft as the shoot-through) which allows for a softer, gentler look without losing the defined shadow transfer edges – as well as in essence making it a 130cm diameter softbox but keeping many of the parabolic qualities that the umbrella creates.

The Lencarta Flashgun Light Stand Adapter is the perfect tool for attaching your 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella for use with a flashgun of any size or make!

Each of these new umbrellas costs just £39 and the optional diffusion masks cost only £25, and as they have the standard, sealed end 8mm diameter umbrella shaft that are part of every Lencarta umbrella, they’re strong, rigid and long lasting and they fit Lencarta and nearly all other studio flash heads.

And, if you add a simple Flashgun Lightstand Adapter you can use it with any flashgun too!

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