Lencarta Studio Boom Arm Kit

Lencarta Studio Boom Arm Kit

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Studio Boom Arm STA008

This boom arm is fully adjustable for both height and reach and is ideal for home studio and light professional use. It has a telescopic arm, a heavy duty stand and both the effective length of the cross bar and the counterweight can be adjusted for perfect balance.

Boom arms are typically used whenever an overhead light is needed but the lighting stand needs to be kept out of the shot, for example for lighting hair, to place a light above a product etc, and of course boom arms can also be used for suspending gels, flags etc.

Made entirely of steel, this boom arm has a 4.5kg counterweight that can be adjusted to any position, the spring damped stand allows the height from the floor to the cross bar to be set from 115 - 178cm and the cross bar is adjustable for length from 130 - 223cm.

When correctly set up and used, this boom arm can safely accommodate a heavy studio flash head fitted with any softbox, or with a beauty dish up to 70cm diameter.

Safety advice:
With all boom arms, is is essential for safety, and to prevent damage to the product, to:

1. Arrange the stand so that one leg is pointing directly towards the flash head

2. Balance the weight of the flash head and any modifier fitted to it with the counterweight.  Please be sure to move the counterweight to the point where the boom is balanced and does not actually need to be tightened in order to hold it at the required angle. If the counterweight is insufficient, please either add more weight or adjust the effective length of the boom in order to balance the weight. Overtightening the boom arm clamp to compensate for an unbalanced boom is unsafe and will shorten the life of your boom arm. 

Lighting stands
Maximum height 180cm
Minimum height 113cm
Maximum footprint 85cm
Weight in box (kg) 9.8
Length of boom arm 220cm (position can be adjusted)

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