Lencarta Lencarta 10 Degree Honeycomb for 7" Standard Reflector

Lencarta Lencarta 10 Degree Honeycomb for 7" Standard Reflector

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10 Degree Honeycomb for 7" Standard Reflector

A 10 degree honeycomb for use with a 7" diameter Standard Reflector only.

Honeycombs have two primary uses.

1. To deliver a small, soft-edged pool of light to add emphasis (for example to emphasise high cheekbones or to produce an irregular circle of light on the background)
2. For use as a backlight that doesn't produce lens flare, except when pointing almost directly at the lens.

When used as a backlight, flare is usually avoided at an angle greater than 10 degrees. If you rotate the 360 image, you will clearly see the angle at which flare is controlled.

This honeycomb is perfect for creating emphasis and for revealing texture when used for product and still life photography but please bear in mind that because the lit area is very small, it is often less than ideal when used as a hairlight.

This honeycomb will fit to ANY standard reflector designed to be used with honeycombs, provided that the reflector has a diameter of 7", so it can be used with Elinchrom, Bowens, Hensel, Balcar and other reflectors with a 7" external diameter.

Do not leave the modelling lamp switched on when using this honeycomb

What's in the box?
1 x honeycomb to fit 7" reflector

Diameter 18cm
Weight (kg) 0.1kg
Box Height 18cm
Box Length 18cm
Box Width 2cm

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