The 70x70cm Life Of Photo Softbox is a great product for studio photography! This piece of kit works well with all studio flash heads and comes with a diffuser that softens the light that falls upon your subject. The parabolic design of this softbox enhances directional control of the lighting produced and the square design is perfect for portrait and group photos!

Brand: Life Of Photo

Design: Parabolic Square Softbox

Size: 70x70cm

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Square Folding Reverse Firing Silver Softbox | Life Of Photo | 70x70cm

Life Of Photo 70x70cm Square Folding Reverse Firing Silver Softbox

  • 70 x 70cm Folding Reverse Firing Square Softbox, perfect for all flashguns and all studio flash heads, and comes complete with a highly efficient diffuser that diffuses and softens the light.
  • The stand passes through the double-zipped opening, and the light bounces all around the softbox and then passes through the removable front diffuser, where it produces soft, even lighting that creates soft, flattering shadows.
  • Parabolic design so that the light is very controlled, as well as soft, directional and even.
  • Square design produces emulates window light is ideal for portrait, glamour and group photographs.
  • Made by Life Photo Products, who are the actual manufacturers for most of the best known names in high quality photographic lighting. You are buying from a British Company, and this kit is in stock in our warehouse in England, which means that it will be delivered to you with no delays and no import tax or duty, unlike many sellers who claim to hold British stocks but who actually dispatch from abroad.
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