Lencarta Superfast Pro 800Ws Lighting Kit With 2 Umbrellas (400/400)

Lencarta Superfast Pro 800Ws Lighting Kit With 2 Umbrellas (400/400)

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SuperFast Pro 800Ws Lighting kit with 2 Umbrellas

Who is this kit perfect for?

Fashion, dance and sports photographers who need to get pin-sharp photos of very fast moving subjects

Portrait photographers of single subjects, couples, small groups, children, pets

Creative portrait, artistic glamour photographers

Product photographers

All studio photographers who need to photograph against a white background, this kit is perfect for lighting the background.

Who is this flash head NOT perfect for?

Studio Photographers who do not need extreme performance (very short flash durations and instant recycling) Please choose the more economical SmartFlash 3 instead

Containing everything you need for ultra high speed studio photography, this high powered SuperFast Pro Studio Kit includes two newly designed compact flash heads, offering unique features not seen before, including a 7-stop power range, full remote control, fan cooling and full modelling lamp control. The SuperFast Pro also offers incredibly fast flash durations (right down to 1/35,000th second), instant recycling and full compatibility with all other Lencarta flash heads and accessories. Also included in the kit are two stands, two umbrellas, two reflectors, modelling lamps, power leads, a sync lead and a Wavesync Commander 2.4G Remote Control Transmitter, which consists of a master unit that fits into your camera hotshoe. The SuperFast Pro has built in 2.4G Receivers.

The Wavesync Commander System allows you to Control each flash head from the Commander Unit, which simply slots into your camera hotshoe. The flash heads can be adjusted either individually or together, as you wish, and as well as adjusting the power, can switch flash heads on or off and also switch the modelling lamp, flash ready beep and slave cell on or off.

This kit is ideal for freezing fast action and so is perfect for fashion photography, freezing motion in sports and dance photography etc. With a total of 800Ws of power this kit has plenty of power. You can also add accessories such as softboxes5 in 1 reflectors etc to your shopping cart - or you can get them later, whichever suits you best.

You can also create a 3 or 4 head kit by adding extra flash heads. Each extra flash head will need a lighting stand and unless it is to be used only with a softbox, it will also need a standard reflector or another type of light shaping tool

Please feel free to ring our customer support helpline on 0845 618 2889 or 1274 955440 for advice, we're here to help.

The maximum power of each SuperFast Pro flash head is 400Ws, producing a guide number of 249 (ft)

  • Voltage: 200-250V (adjusts automatically)
  • Fan cooled: Yes (can be used all day every day if required without danger of overheating)
  • Max power: 800Ws
  • Guide number: 249 (ft) - we have overcome the power loss experienced by other manufacturers who have developed IGBT flash heads
  • Range of adjustment: 7 stops (full power 400Ws, reducing to 3Ws)
  • Flash duration in Speed Mode (t.1): 1/416th at full power, reducing to 1/35,086th at minimum power
  • Flash duration in Colour Mode (t.1): 1/416th at full power, reducing to 1/4983th at minimum power
  • Recycling time (in speed mode): 0.7 second at full power, 0.05 sec at minimum power, allowing bursts up to 20 fps
  • Colour Temperature in Speed Mode : 5400K at full power, 9000K at minimum power
  • Colour Temperature in Colour Mode : 5600+/-200K
  • Colour Temperature in HSS Mode : 4600K at full power, 5000K at minimum power
  • Modelling lamp: 150W Halostar
  • Modelling lamp adjustment: Fully independent of flash power setting. Adjustable in 5% increments
  • Slave cell: Yes, can be switched off if required
  • Digital control: Yes. Power can be adjusted in 1/10th stop increments
  • Remote control: Full remote control and radio triggering is included, via our Wavesync Commander system
  • Fan cooled: Yes
  • Overheat protection: Yes
  • Fuse: 8A. Spare fuses are included
  • Anti shatter protection: Yes, a removable cover protects from broken glass in the unlikely event that the flash tube or modelling lamp breaks
  • Flash ready beep: Yes, can be switched off if not required
  • Accessory fitting. Standard S-fit.
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Length: 39cm

What's in the box?

  • 2x SuperFast Pro Flash Heads
  • 1x Remote Control/Flash Trigger Wavesync Commander
  • 2x 265cm Pneumatic Air damped Lighting Stands
  • 2x Standard reflector
  • 2x 100cm Pro White Reflective Umbrella

Each flash head also includes:

  • 1 x Protective Head cap
  • 1 x 150W modelling lamp
  • 1 x Protective Glass Cover or Flash Tube
  • 1 x UK Mains Cable
  • 1 x Sync Cable
  • 2 x Spare fuses

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide you want to return your product, we have your back. All we ask is that you contact us first, and return the item back to us in the condition that you received it.

We ask that you contact us first so we can provide you with an RMA number. This allows us to process your return much quicker.

T&Cs Apply. Please see our Returns Policy for details.

Lencarta SuperFast Pro 400Ws IGBT/HSS High Speed Action Freezing Studio Flash Head

Combining IGBT technology in a HSS head, the Lencarta SuperFast Pro 400Ws IGBT/HSS High Speed Studio Flash Head is capable of unlocking ultra-fast recycling speeds to freeze any action shot. This fantastic head comes with a built in 2.4Ghz X-Series Godox receiving system, outstanding output stability and colour temperature consistency. With insanely fast recycling times, the SuperFast Pro is capable of competing with even the latest studio flash strobes. The rear control panel has full digital control, and has both simple buttons and a menu system. In most operating modes It's just as simple to use as ordinary flash heads, and when specialised functions such as Multi mode, HSS, Speed mode, Colour mode, Rear Curtain Sync or advanced modelling lamp settings are needed, these are accessed via a simple, user friendly menu.

Who is this perfect for?

Ideal for seasoned photographers or those ready to take the next step in studio flash. The SuperFast Pro is perfect for those looking to capture high-speed action such as dancers, powder, water and more!

Who is this not perfect for?

Photographers who are looking for an outdoor portable battery powered strobe.

Key Points

Perfect for people who:

  • Are needing an affordable, high-tech flash
  • Needing a very fast flash uncompared in it's recycling times
  • Want to catch high-speed shots such as water, dancers, pets, etc

Not Perfect for people who:

  • Need a portable outdoor flash strobe
  • Looking to use TTL as a function

The Main Features

Ultra-Fast Recycling Speeds

The Lencarta SuperFast Pro can deliver 400Ws of power with recycling speeds between 416th of a second to 35,000th of a second between maximum and minimum power. Allowing you to freeze any action for a perfectly crisp and sharp image

Cross Brand Compatibility

With the built in 2.4GHz receiver, the SuperFast Pro can not only be triggered without the need for external receivers, but works off of the Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System, making it fully compatible with the current generation of Godox Products such as the AD600, AD200 and AD360II as well as over brands that use the Godox radio system such as Pixapro and Flashpoint.

High Speed Enabled

Easily unlock High Speed Sync (HSS) with the SuperFast Pro and freeze any action with ease thanks to the precise digital control giving you total command of rthe flash, giving you the power to the take that perfect shot. You can even command the HSS to 1/8000th of a second using a High Speed Sync enabled trigger such as the Godox X1T or XPro triggers

IGBT Revolutionary Technology

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology works in the same way with the Super Fast Pro as you may be familiar with as with hot shoe flashes. This means that flash duration becomes progressively shorter when power is reduced - the opposite of what normally happens with conventional studio flash heads!

Specialist Shooting Modes

Use specialised functions such as Multi (Stroboscopic) Mode, HSS, Speed Mode, Colour Mode, Rear Curtain Sync or advanced modelling lamp settings to give you the ultimate freedom to get the perfect shot, no matter what you`re photographing.

Bowens S-Fit Modifier Ring

The head of the SuperFast Pro comes with a built in Bowens S-fit modifier attachment ring, allowing you to attach a large range of modifiers and light shapers directly onto your SuperFast Pro

150W Halogen Modelling Lamp

The SuperFast Pro is supplied with a 150W modelling lamp. The power of the modelling lamp is fully adjustable in 10 simple steps. The modelling lamp also dims while recycling, so you'll have a visual confirmation that it's ready to fire again even if you've switched off the ready beep.

3 Years Lencarta Warranty

Designed in the UK, the SmartFlash IV is a well thought out flash for photographers by photographers. We back our product by offering a 3 year warranty, knowing that you will get a quality product.

Lencarta In House Repair Centre

At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2 year warranty included! Find out more here.

Flash head
Guide No. (feet) 249
Guide No. (metres) 75
f/ with standard reflector @ 10' f/23
f/ with 60 x 60cm softbox @ 10' f/8
f/ with150cm softbox @ 10' f/10
Colour temperature at minimum power 5440K
Colour temperature at full power 5780K
Flash duration at maximum power, t.1 1/800th at full power. This equates to the action stopping potential of using a shutter speed outdoors of 1/800th second. The figure used by most sellers is based on a t.5 time, which produces a much higher figture but which is far less meaningful
Colour temperature consistency Variation between flashes is too small to measure except at minimum power. At minimum power, the variation is less than 100K
Flash duration at minimum power, t.1 1/20,000th at minimum power This equates to the action stopping potential of using a shutter speed outdoors of 1/20,000th second. The figure used by most sellers is based on a t.5 time, which produces a much higher figture but which is far less meaningful
Mains/battery Mains, can also be used with any 3rd party battery solution
Standard S-fit accessory mount Yes
Modelling lamp power 150W
Modelling lamp dims during recycling Yes
Switchable flash ready beep Yes
Open flash/test button Yes
Length of body (cm) 39cm
Remote control available Yes
Umbrella socket Yes, at top of flash head Accepts standard 8mm umbrella
Fan cooling Yes
Godox Witstro / Lencarta Atom
Maximum power 600Ws
Minimum power 1.875Ws
Recycling speed 0.9 second at full power 1/20th second at minimum power At intermediate power settings, each power reduction of 1 stop = a halving of recycling speed, e.g. half power = 0.4 sec, quarter power = 0.2 sec
Switchable slave sensor Yes
Weight (kg) 3.01
Overheat protection system Yes
Can ignore Pre-Flash Yes
Length of warranty 3 Years
Box contents 2 x SuperFast Pro 400Ws Flash heads FLA020, 1 x Remote Control/Flash Trigger Wavesync 2.4Ghz, 2 x 360cm Professional Air Damped Lighting Stands STA099, 2 x Standard reflector MOD044, 2x 100cm Pro White Reflective Umbrella UMB001, Mains Leads, Head Caps, Sync Cables
Lighting stands
Minimum height 120cm
Maximum height 360cm
Maximum footprint 95cm
Umbrella Diameter 100cm
Shaft diameter 8mm with sealed end
No. of ribs 8
Radius 30cm
Light qualities Soft reflective with neutral white colour
Beauty Dish
Weight in box (kg) 2.4kg

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