Honeycomb Grids for Softboxes

Honeycomb Grids for Softboxes

Honeycomb grids control and reduce the spread of the light and also prevent lens flare when the light is travelling towards the camera.

As with all honeycombs, there is some loss of light compared to the softbox without a honeycomb fitted, our tests showed this to be in the region of just 1 - 1.1 stops of light when used straight in front of the subject. Honeycombs change the softness of the light too, when used close, because although the light from the centre of the softbox is virtually unchanged, the light from the edges is increasingly blocked by the honeycomb, and because of this a honeycomb should really only be used when needed, and should not be used  routinely.

The honeycomb grid is extremely useful for controlling both light spill and for preventing lens flare, especially when used for backlighting. or rim lighting, because in these lighting situations, the honeycomb prevents light from reaching the camera lens,.

 All Lencarta softbox honeycombs are 40mm deep and each "Wall" is spaced just 40mm from the adjoining one, this ensures that the honeycomb is effective.  Many honeycombs sold elsewhere are far too shallow and too widely spaced to be effective. 

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