102cm Shoot Through Diffusing Umbrella can produce the same softness and quality of light as a softbox of the same size. Fitted with a standard 8mm umbrella shaft, which will fit nearly all studio flash heads. With sealed shaft end to prolong lifespan and protects against damage

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Soft Diffuser Shoot Through Umbrella | Life of Photo | 100cm

Life of Photo 100cm Soft Diffused Shoot-Through Umbrella

100cm Professional Opaque Shoot Through Umbrella

Main Features

  • IDEAL UMBRELLA FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - This Shoot through umbrella is ideal for product and portrait photography. It can be used for full length portraits and also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps to avoid light fall-off from top to bottom as well as rim lighting and consistent product photography. The shoot-through deep parabolic umbrella is considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light.
  • SOFT SHADOW TRANSFER EDGES - Creating a soft, diffused light which produces soft shadow transfer edges, giving a glowing effect to your images.
  • VERSATILE USE - This shoot-through umbrella creates a soft, diffused light. Producing soft shadow transfer edges giving a more glowing effect. You can simply position the umbrella directly at your subject, allowing the light source to shine in the same direction, offering a layer of translucent diffusing material between the light and the subject.
  • EASILY TRANSPORTED - The 100cm Shoot Through umbrella packs away easily and quickly, making it ideal to take this umbrella away with you for photo shoots and more.
  • GREAT FOR LIGHT BOUNCING - The 100cm Shoot Through Umbrella can even be used as a reflector, bouncing a soft, diffused and neutral light back onto a subject.
Umbrella Diameter 100cm
Shaft diameter 7mm
Umbrella Depth 34cm
No. of ribs 8
  • 1x 100cm Shoot Through Umbrella | By Life of Photo

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