Lencarta Conical Snoot (inc. Honeycomb) - Lencarta/Bowens Fit

Lencarta Conical Snoot (inc. Honeycomb) - Lencarta/Bowens Fit

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Snoot to fit Lencarta, Bowens etc flash heads with removable honeycomb MOD004

The snoot is used to control the spread of light.

Use it to create a soft edged, irregular pool of light on the background, with a bright centre and concentric radiating circles.

Use it as a hairlight, or as a very controlled backlight for people or product photography. The video below demonstrates it's use as a hairlight.

{loadposition vidstorehairlight}

Use it with a lighting gel to create interest or to create an edge of colour.

A 30 degree removable honeycomb is included, this reduces/kills flare when used as a backlight and also reduces the size of the pool of light.

At a distance of 300cm (10') the bright centre of the pool of light is about 76cm (30"), reducing to about 56cm (22") with the honeycomb fitted.

What's in the box?
1 x Snoot with removable honeycomb

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