Large Beauty Dish | Silver | Elinchrom Fit | Lencarta | 70cm

Large Beauty Dish | Silver | Elinchrom Fit | Lencarta | 70cm

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This beauty dish fits Elinchrom flash heads.

Beauty dishes are the favourite light shaping tool of fashion, glamour and portrait photographers who have moved beyond soft lighting and who want to emphasise high cheekbones and good complexions.

Beauty dishes are typically used at a distance of around 5’ (1.5m), because this is the optimum focussing point for well-designed softboxes – many of the cheaper versions do not focus properly at any distance) but we advise you to carry out your own tests in order to determine the different effects that can be achieved at different distances. At any given distance, a larger beauty dish will cover a larger area, and will produce a softer light, than a smaller one. It may be helpful to read this article, produced by The Photographic Academy.

Unlike the light from softboxes, the light is very controlled and directional and so is also ideal for backlighting and rimlighting, and for when vignettes are wanted. A free diffuser is included, this softens the light when needed and creates a light similar to that of a softbox.

A 30 degree honeycomb grid is available too. This allows even greater control of both light spread and flare and can produce stunning, dramatic lighting with very hard shadow transfer edges.

The large Beauty dish measures 70cm (27.5") diameter and so, when used close to the subject, can provide wraparound lighting.

A smaller, 40cm (15.7") model is also available

Technical Specifications:

  • Quality of light: Soft but directional light
  • Light output (compared to standard reflector) -2 stops
  • Modelling lamp: Yes, uses lamp fitted to flash head. Modelling lamps should not be left switched on when the Beauty Dish is fitted with a honeycomb grid, to avoid overheating
  • What's in the box?
    1 x Beauty dish
    1 x diffuser for Beauty dish

    Beauty Dish
    Diameter 70cm
    Depth 22cm
    Colour Silver
    Honeycomb Available? Yes
    Weight in box (kg) 3.45KG
    Box Length 26cm
    Box Height 71cm
    Box Width 71cm

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