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Shop our range of green screens perfect for professional or home use from photography to vlogging, gaming, streaming and working from home. Green screens allow you to stream or broadcast yourself without displaying the embarrassing background or cluttered room.

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What are Green Screens?

Green screens (also known as chroma key green screens) are made of a green chroma key material that are designed to allow you to switch out the green background for any background or scene that you want. It works through a process called chroma keying, which is the process of removing a colour element (chroma) from your video or picture and replacing it (keyed) with a different colour element or scene.

The most popular colour backgrounds for chroma keying purposes are green or blue, and are the industry standard.

Why Use A Green Screen

Green screens are often used by professional photographers and videographers to create special effects in their video or pictures. However, following increasing numbers of people working from home, webcam backdrops have become more widely used by home workers so that you can cut out the cluttered background of your room and replace it with something more professional or aesthetic.

It's also a popular choice for gamers and youtubers, with influencers on social media and video streaming sites using them for the same reason.

Types of Green Screen

Green screens are available in a multitude of options, from paper to vinyl, wrinkle resistant fabric or muslin, to collapsible green screens or even chair green screens which attach to your office chair. You can opt for floor standing screens which you can attach to a stand or simple green screens that you can fix to a wall using wall hooks. For portability, you might want to consider pop up green screens which are portable green screens that are easy to carry, use, and then store away.