Lencarta Lighting Gel Holder

Lencarta Lighting Gel Holder

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Lighting Gel Holder

This new Lencarta product is part of our new Redline Pro range, and is the perfect professional solution for any photographer who need to support light accessories such as lighting gels, diffusers, Cinefoil, Blackwrap and similar creative lighting tools securely in the chosen position easily, firmly, and precisely.

It fits tightly to any light stand and can be tilted to any angle required. Thanks to the firm grips, the gel or any other light accessory is clamped securely, and due to the flexibility in width adjustment, the Lencarta Lighting Gel Holder can firmly accommodate a gel or any other light accessory in place without it sagging or dropping in the corners.

Please note that whilst items such as reflectors and flags can be used with, it isn't designed for heavy items such as these and if you're looking for a secure holder for these we recommend either the Lencarta Reflector Holder Boom for reflectors and the Lencarta Silk, Flag and Scrim Holder for other items.

The holder also has a standard 16mm spigot at the end, which allows a lightweight flash head to be fitted, to assist in the lighting of the chosen accessory.

Please note that none of the accessories shown in the above pictures (lighting stand, lighting gels, flash head) are included.

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