Lencarta Diffuser for Safari Ring Flash

Lencarta Diffuser for Safari Ring Flash

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Diffuser for Safari RingFlash Head SPA015

This diffuser clips to the front of the Safari Ring Flash head in moments and is an invaluable accessory that softens and diffuses the light, without removing the unique 'ringflash effect'.

One of the great benefits of the Safari Classic Ringflash is its high power, but when working at close distances this can be a disadvantage too, and this diffuser helps to overcome that disadvantage because, although the diffuser only reduces the light output by 0.35 f/stop at a distance of 10', the design of the diffuser makes it easy to insert a neutral density gel inside the diffuser and this only requires a sheet of neutral density gel (or, for other creative effects, any coloured gel) and a sharp knife! It is of course also possible to fit a neutral density or coloured gel over only part of the ringflash, to produce even more creative effects.

This diffuser fits both the Safari Classic and the Safari Li-on

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