Lencarta 85 x 85cm Chiaro Softbox to fit Lencarta/Bowens

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Lencarta 85 x 85cm Chiaro Softbox to fit Lencarta/Bowens

  • Brand: Lencarta
  • Stock Code: SOF063
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Do you have a showroom? Can I try the equipment before buying them?
  • We have a showroom at our warehouse in West Yorkshire where you can see and try out our equipment before you buy. You're more than welcome to bring your camera along too. It would be helpful if you could ring to make an appointment, but an appointment isn't essential. Also, we have a number of distributors in different areas.

    Lencarta Support
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Can I use Lencarta lighting equipment in continental Europe?
  • Yes you can. All Lencarta lighting equipment have built in voltage stabilisers, and will automatically adjust to accept mains power of between 180-240 volts. For European customers on the continent, we supply power leads with euro-spec plugs, so there is no need for adapters. Just plug in and use!

    Lencarta Support
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Do I need a honeycomb for my softbox?
  • Softbox honeycombs work in much the same way as honeycombs made for reflectors - they control the spread of light and force it to travel in almost straight lines, so you will need one if you use the softbox when it is pointing towards the camera lens but will not need it if it is pointing away from the camera lens, although even when pointing away from the camera, honeycombs can still be useful because the restrict the spread of the light.

    Lencarta Support
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85 x 85cm RedLine Pro Chiaro Softbox to fit Lencarta/Bowens SOF063

This softbox is part of our new Redline Pro range of products

This softboxes is ideal for whenever soft lighting is needed, and is perfect for portrait and small product photography
It has a deeply recessed outer diffuser so it is also ideal for controlling light spill, especially when using  it to light the background or to feather the light.

Fitted with both an inner and an outer diffuser,  this softbox can produce both soft lighting and a much harder, specular light. It takes only seconds to remove or replace the diffusers, which are fitted using hook and loop fastening.

When used with no diffuser, the light is much more specular and "sparkly".

With a depth of 51cm, the design ensures that light is reflected around the walls of the softbox perfectly, to produce very even lighting at the front diffuser.

One of the important unique features of our new Redline Pro range of softboxes is that each has a D Ring fitted to each corner, this is essential when used outdoors and allows the softbox to be tied down safely, to prevent damage or injury caused by wind, we do not consider simply putting weights on the lightstand to be an adequate safety precaution. Paracord (or similar), fitted to each ring and tied off to a nearby tree, vehicle or similar and/or secured with tent pegs, is the professional solution

As with all our softboxes, the speedring is fittted with a locking nut, allowing the softbox to be rotated to the exact angle needed.

This softbox is supplied with a speedring to fit Lencarta, Bowens and other S-fit flash heads, and is also available to fit both Elinchrom and Profoto flash heads.

By default, it will fit on Lencarta & Bowens flash heads but you can add a different speedring, to fit either

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