The Lencarta 60cm x 90cm Umbrella Softbox is the perfect choice for any photographer looking for a quick and easy light modifier in their shoots. Its larger size makes it ideal for portrait and small group photography. It has an umbrella pop up design making it ideal to use on location and in the studio. The softbox can fold up into a small carry pouch which is great for storing when not in use.

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Reverse Firing Umbrella/Softbox | For Studio & Outdoor Photography

Reverse Firing Umbrella/Softbox

Main Features 

  • 60CM x 90CM UMBRELLA SOFTBOX: The 60cm x 90cm Lencarta Umbrella Softbox is a quick and easy to use softbox designed specifically for both amateur and professional photographers. The square shape makes it ideal for head and shoulders portraiture and small groups.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The umbrella softbox is designed to be used with many different branded studio lights. It has an 8mm umbrella shaft allowing it to attach into almost any studio light or bracket.
  • EASY OPEN, FOLDING DESIGN: The 60cm x 90cm Lencarta umbrella softbox can be quickly opened and instantly attached to a studio light or speedlite. Simply place the softbox into the light or onto the adapter to use instantly.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The softbox is both lightweight and portable making it ideal to use on location or in a studio environment. The umbrella softbox folds into a small bag which will protect it when not in use or storing.
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY: This product comes with three year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.
Brand  Lencarta
Material Nylon
Size 60x90cm 
Umbrella Shaft 8mm

    1x 60cm x 90cm Umbrella Softbox

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