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The FeiyuTech AK2000

The ever popular RedLine Pro Profold folding softbox range is designed with a solid steel construction, thick, top quality wall and anti-yellowing diffusion materials and a swift, simple opening mechanism. Much like an umbrella, the Profold range can be erected and deconstructed within seconds. Each softbox was designed by photographers for photographers with usability and ease in mind. The Profold softboxes are fitting with an interchangeable speedring, meaning should you decide to swap your equipment from one brand to another, you do not need to buy a whole new range of modifiers! Each softbox comes with their very own 3 year warranty and are built for quality and results.

  • Size: 120cm
  • Diffusers Included: Yes, Inner and outer.
  • Honeycomb Included: No, sold seperately.
  • Opening Mechanism: Umbrella Profold
  • Nylon Carry Case and Bowens S-fit Speedring Included.

RedLine Pro Profold Folding Octa Softbox | Lencarta | 120cm

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Lencarta 120cm Softbox studio lighting equipment


RedLine Pro Profold Folding Octa Softbox | Lencarta | 120cm | Photography Studio Lighting Equipment 

Softboxes are often considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light because they combine the soft, diffused light effect of a shoot-through umbrella with the more controlled, directional (but harsher) light of a reflective umbrella. But traditional softboxes do have a major disadvantage, because, when used in the home or when they are transported, they need to be taken apart and reassembled, which can be very time-consuming and sometimes difficult. The Lencarta Folding Pro softboxes completely solve this problem because they open just like an ordinary umbrella, it takes just a few seconds.

  • The Lencarta 120cm Profold Softbox is made from solid steel construction, providing a durable and sturdy product!
  • The Profold setup allows this product to be assembled and dissembled in seconds, similar to an umbrella.
  • This softbox comes with an attachable diffuser to help you soften the light in seconds!
  • When folded, this softbox fits neatly and securely in the carry bag provided.
  • The fabric of this softbox is thicker than other typical products to improve durability and prevent light leakage!

The Main Features

Profold Pop-Up Range

Diffuser Included

Bowens Fit

Profold Pop-Up Range

The Lencarta Profold Range is a selection of softboxes specifically designed to ease softbox assembly! This range functions in a similar way to an umbrella, meaning that it can be popped up or down in seconds!

Diffuser Included

This softbox comes with a diffuser, making this product a versatile solution to light modification. This diffuser can be attached quickly and hassle-free to create a softer lighting option!

Bowens Fit

This softbox is fitted with a Bowens fit speed ring, meaning that it works perfectly with any flash head in the Bowens/ Godox S-fit range! Additional speed rings can be purchased to adapt this product to other fittings, such as Elinchrom, profoto.

Included Carry Bag
Robust and Flexible
Umbrella Style Set Up

Included Carry Bag

This softbox is accompanied by a handy carry bag to aid transport with this product. Being both lightweight and portable means that this softbox is perfect for use both in the studio, as well as on-location shoots!

Robust and Flexible

The solid steel construction of this product makes it highly robust and durable! This not only gives your product a long lifespan but also protects the rest of your equipment used alongside the softbox.

Umbrella Style Set Up

One of the great features of the lencarta profold softbox is how easy it can be set up. Similar to an umbrella style, simply push the rod inside the soft-box in place and it's set up in seconds! This is perfect when shooting in location or when you need to be quick.


Brand Lencarta
Model 120cm Profold Octa Softbox
Diametre 120cm
Inner Surface Silver
Mount Type Bowens Fit

Repair BannerLencarta In House Repair Centre

At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after-care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. Find out more here.

More Information
Softbox ShapeOctagon
Softbox TypeProFold Softboxes
Speedring FittingLencarta / Bowens S-Fit
  • 1 x 120cm Octa Redline Softbox 
    1 x Inner diffuser 
    1 x Outer diffuser 
    1 x S-fit speedring (fitted)* 
    1 x Carry bag
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