Lencarta 265cm Pneumatic Air Light Stand

Lencarta 265cm Pneumatic Air Light Stand

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This Professional Lighting Stand is part of our new Redline Pro range of products

Our new 2.65m Air Damped Stand  is lightweight but extremely rigid and is ideal for most applications. It is adjustable from 120cm - 265cm and will safely support a weight of 5kg.
The closed height is 1m and the actual weight of this stand is just 1.89kg.

It has air damping, to reduce the possibility of damage to your light heads if the stand is lowered suddenly.

A special benefit of every Lencarta stand is its stability, this is due partly to the quality of the materials and construction and partly to the design, the extra large footprint of 92cm means that the weight of the lighting equipment is spread over a large area and is extremely well balanced, which is a very important safety feature.

Another special feature of this stand is our unique patented nylon locking mechanism, which not only locks and releases the adjustment with very little effort, but which is also virtually unbreakable.

Most lighting stands use a metal screw to bear against the inner column, and lock it into place. Inevitably, these screws mark the metal of the stand over time and this also creates stress on the screw threads. Our stands use a much larger, coarsely threaded nylon mechanism that locks the adjustment into place very securely, and without causing either stress or damage.

As you can see in the photo above, this light stand also has a removable spigot, not only can the spigot be positioned either vertically or horizontally, it is also double-ended and offers a choice of both 1/4" and 3/8" threads, allowing it to be screwed into the screw thread of a hotshoe flashgun, or into the threaded foot supplied with the flashgun, depending on its design.

Lighting stands
Maximum height 265cm
Minimum height 100cm
Maximum footprint 95cm
Weight in box (kg) 2.1kg

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