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Rectangular Speedlight Softbox | Life Of Photo | 20x30cm

Life Of Photo 20x30cm Rectangular Speedlight Softbox

  • This 30 x 20cm Softbox fits to any flashgun, for example Canon, Nikon, Yongnuo, Godox, Shannon, and softens and diffuses the light, which reduces the harsh shadows normally produced by flashguns.
  • It has a highly reflective silvered interior for efficiency, and the outer diffuser is fixed permanently in position. It also has an inner diffuser, which can be removed if required to produce a more specular light quality.
  • When fitted to your flashgun, it will be held securely in place with its elasticated Velcro-type strap, and your flashgun head can be tilted and swivelled in the usual way, with no loss of functionality.
  • When fitted, your flashgun will still perform perfectly, but will produce softer light.
  • Includes a free zipped carry bag, for easy storage and transport. Does not include flashgun, shown in some photos.


Height 20cm
Width 30cm
Depth 19cm
Diagonal Measurement 36cm
Colour Black Exterior, Silver Interior
Weight 70g
Brand Life of Photo
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