The Profoto Adapter for the AD400Pro Flash Head and AD300 Pro Flash Head via the AD-AB adapter from Godox allows use of Profoto accessories on the these flashes. With a simple interchangeable screw between the heads, Profoto modifiers and accessories become easily accessible.

  • Allows use for Profoto Accessories
  • Compatible with the AD400 Pro
  • Compatible with the AD300 Pro AD-AB Adapter
  • Profoto Mounting
  • Solid Construction
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Godox Profoto Adapter for AD400 Pro / AD300 Pro Flash Head

Godox AD400 | AD300 Pro Profoto Speedring Adapter

An Overview

This Godox AD400 / AD300 Pro adapter is the perfect product to use if you are wanting to use Profoto modifiers directly with the Godox AD400 Pro or AD300 Pro studio strobe lights. Simply place the adapter onto the front of the AD400 to use instantly, or apply the adapter to the AD300Pro's AD-AB adapter in a similar fashion*. This product also comes with two years warranty.

*Note - The AD-AB Adapter is NOT included as standard with the AD300 Pro

Main Features:

AD400 / AD300 Pro Compatibility

This speedring is fully compatible and designed to work directly with the Godox AD400 Pro studio strobe light. *NOTE AD-AB Required for use with the AD300 Pro

Profoto Fit

With this adapter you can use Profoto modifiers with the Godox AD400 Pro making it easier than ever to use different modifiers with one light unit.

Easy to Use

The speedring will fit directly into the Godox AD400 Pro studio light, simply place the adapter on the front of the Light to use.

Strong Build Quality

The speedring adapter is made of strong aluminium making it extra reliable to use over a long period of time.


Model Godox
Material Aluminium
Weight 200g
Box Length 13
Box Width 5
Box Height 14
Fitting Profoto

    What's In The Box?

    • 1x Profoto Adapter for AD300 / AD400 Pro
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