Folding Beauty Dish | White | Profoto Fitting | Lencarta | 120cm

Folding Beauty Dish | White | Profoto Fitting | Lencarta | 120cm

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The assembly takes just seconds - push each rod end into place and slide it home, job done! And, unlike some others, the rods are steel and
The assembly takes just seconds - push each rod end into place and slide it home, job done! And, unlike some others, the rods are steel and arevirtually indestructible . The fabric material is also special, it is far thicker and denser than others and this both improves both life expectancy and prevents light leakage.And there are 16 rods (most copies have only 8) and 16 are essential for proper lighting, because less than that just produces large flat areas that send the light in every direction except the right one!

The Lencarta folding beauty dishes have the correct parabolic design, and are more efficient than the versions that have just 8 supporting rods. And there is a deflector, which not only prevents hotspots, it is also both the correct size, and correctly positioned, to fully utilise the parabolic shape, which again is not the case with versions sold by others. The Deflector can be reversed in seconds, and when reversed it alters the focus point, this allows the beauty dish to be used at different distances, and also produces a different effect.

We also include a free inner diffuser, and as you can see, the centre portion of this is double thickness. When used as a beauty dish, this diffuser produces yet another effect. We also include a free outer diffuser, when this is fitted your beauty dish will in effect become a softbox of the same size and shape - this means that if you buy our folding beauty dishes then you won't need to buy a softbox of the same size!

The diffuser quality is extremely high, which produces the best quality of diffusion possible. When using it as a softbox, the deflector can be either left in place or removed, and each choice produces yet another lighting effect.

And we also include a free 4x4x4cm honeycomb grid, when used without the diffuser it will concentrate the spread of light very effectively, when used with the diffuser fitted it will have the effect of a gridded softbox, which again is very useful. The honeycomb grid reduces the spread of light to 41 degrees. And we also include a free zipped bag. And we also include a free zipped bag.

The photo shows a Profotofit speedring, and this beauty dish is also available to fit most other makes of flash head.

This beauty dish has a white interior, we also have them in 60cm and 80cm sizes, and all sizes are also available with a silver interior.
Both white and silver beauty dishes produce the same type of light, which accentuates the shape of the face beautifully. The effects produced by the silver version are more pronounced than the white one, so if the model has perfect bone structure and a perfect complexion, the results will be more dramatic with the silver version, but the white version is more forgiving of imperfections.

Whichever flavour is used, the effect will be more dramatic if a honeycomb is fitted, and much less dramatic if the diffuser is fitted, and a 3rd type of effect can be achieved by fitting both the honeycomb and the diffuser.


  • Folds down and fits into a small carry bag (included free)
  • Much lighter and easier to transport than a metal beauty dish
  • Available in larger sizes than a metal beauty dish
  • Supplied with an inner diffuser
  • Supplied with an outer diffuser and a 4cm Honeycomb Grid giving you a variety of lighting possibilities
  • Detachable and reversible deflector.
  • Profoto fit speedring
  • Also available to fit other flash heads
  • Perfect for fashion and creative portrait photography
  • Can be used with any flash head - it is not limited to flash heads that are fitted with specific designs of modelling lamp

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Lencarta 120cm Folding Beauty Dish, White, Profoto Fitting

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Folding Beauty Dish
Colour Black Exterior, White Interior
Diameter 120cm
Depth 46cm
Folded Diameter 20cm
Folded Length 72cm
Weight (kg) 3.8
Fitting Profoto
No. of Ribs 16
Rib Material Steel
Deflector Dish Included Yes
Deflector Dish Material Aluminium Alloy
Diffusers Included Yes
Honeycomb Included Yes
Honeycomb Degrees 40
Bag Included Yes
Bag Diameter 21cm
Bag Length 73cm

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