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PowerPack Holder Q Clip | Atom and Godox PB960

Atom PowerPack Holder Clip

This is a clamp designed to hold the Atom, the Atom Powerpack and any other flashgun. The Clamp is made from a solid aluminium alloy which is durable but light. It has been given an anodized coating to protect the clamp from scratches and rusting.

The main use for the clamp it to attach the Atom, the Atom Powerpack or any other flashgun to a stand. The part of the clamp that makes contact with the stand has a rubber coating to protect the stand from scrapes and scratches and to provide a firm grip to stop slipping. The clamp can also be fitted to anything from shelves to car windows (up to 4cm) making the world your stand. 

The clamp also features 3 screw holes. 1 is 3/8" and the other 2 are 1/4". This allows a spigot to be attached (spigot not included).

Powerpack, spigot and stand not included.

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