Lencarta Universal Portable Light Stand and Umbrella Kit

Lencarta Universal Portable Light Stand and Umbrella Kit

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  • 2x Light Stand Hot Shoe Adapters
  • 2x Lightweight Patented Light Stands
  • 2x White shoot through Umbrellas
  • 1x Kit bag
  • Flash Heads not included

Portable Light Stand and Umbrella Kit for any Speedlight


our new lighting kit is the perfect combination for any photography shooting on location. Its lightweight and portable size makes it even easier to shoot on the go. Fitted with 2 light stand adapters, you can attached your camera flash to each stand giving you extra freedom when moving your lights around. The lightweight patented light stands will allow you to adjust the height of your flash, ranging from 82cm - 190cm. Also included is 2 white reflective umbrellas giving you a larger output of light, perfect for location photography. Using the godox triggering system, simply sync your trigger and speed lights to give you extra freedom when shooting. VINGII NOT INCLUDED


  • PATENTED UNBREAKABLE NYLON LOCKING MECHANISM LIGHT STAND: The large red nylon locks are unbreakable and tighten and release with little effort. No more over-tightening. Our unique patented coarsely threaded nylon locking mechanism guarantees an end to overtightening, protecting your stand from damage or stress caused by over tightening.
  • PROTECTICE CARRY CASE: The kit bag includes has plenty of space for 3 full size lighting stands plus at least two large umbrellas. Its reinforced material will protect your equipment and give you a more comfortable feel when full with products.
  • VERSATILE REFLECTIVE UMBRELLA: The Reflective umbrella produces a fairly soft light, but with more clearly defined shadow transfer edges than a shoot-through (opaque) umbrella. Due to this, our reflective umbrellas are ideal for portrait, fashion, glamour and product photography. The 100cm Pro White reflective umbrella produces a much softer light with less specularity than the 100cm pro silver reflective umbrella.
  • LIGHT STAND ADAPTER: The cold shoe opens and closes by means of a metal screw, which is then tightened as needed. Below the cold shoe is an umbrella hole, for use with any umbrella, and again this is securely held in place by means of a metal screw. Below the umbrella hole is the tilt mechanism, which provides all of the tilt that you will ever need.
  • RELIABLE, RESISTANT AND VERSATILE: This light stand is made from the strongest aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. Reaching heights of up to 190cm this reliable light stand will protect your equipment from damage whilst making your workflow efficient. Finished in matt black rather than painted black, this stand will provide no reflection during your photo or video work.


  • Light Stand Adapter Maximum Height: 10.5cm
  • Light Stand Minimum Height: 82cm
  • Light Stand Maximum Height:190cm
  • Light Stand Maximum Footprint: 65cm
  • Light Stand Weight: 0.63kg
  • Umbrella Minimum Length: 40cm
  • Umbrella Maximum Length: 65cm
  • Umbrella Weight: 0.275kg
  • Umbrella Depth: 20cm
  • Umbrella Diameter: 90cm

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