Lencarta Professional Parallelogram Boom Arm Kit

Lencarta Professional Parallelogram Boom Arm Kit

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Parrellegram Boom with stand counterweight, STA011


This is a heavy duty Parrellegram Boom Set.  Just set the flash head to the tilt angle you require and adjust the angle of the arm to the exact height you want to create the lighting effect you're looking for (you can go up to a maximum height of  just over 3 metres, and at its lowest setting it will nearly touch the floor) When you adjust the angle the parrellegram design maintains the exact angle, regardless of the setting.


The advantage of this is obvious for still photographers, because it will remove the need to change the angle of the flash head when the height is changed, which saves an enormous amount of time and greatly improves safety.
And used with a simple double 5/8" female adapter & threaded spigot, a ball head or pan & tilt head can be added, the boom set can then be used with camcorders, dramatic effects can be obtained simply by raising and lowering the boom, changing the height of the shot whilst maintaining the angle of the camera!


With a fixed arm length of 262cm that can be adjusted for angle, and a 9kg counterweight that can be adjusted for perfect weight balance, the boom arm is the perfect solution to the problems that arise whenever a light needs to be placed overhead and the stand that suports it needs to be kept out of shot. In addition to the 9kg counterweight, there is a sandbag to provide an additional counterweight if required.


The recommended maximum load weight (lamp and any accessories used) is 10.5kg. This boom arm is ideal for nearly all flash heads, regardless of make, and can be used with heavy accessories such as beauty dishes.


It comes complete with its own heavy duty wheeled stand, which should be weighted for extra safety. This boom arm can only be used with the stand supplied.


Please note that because of the size, this boom arm is only suitable for large studios. We can only deliver it to addresses within the UK and we cannot accept returns unless the item is faulty.


Total weight: 27kg
Length of arm: 262cm
Minimum height to arm: 144cm
Maximum height to arm:  228cm

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