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Folding Beauty Dishes

Folding Beauty Dishes

See The Complete Range of Lencarta's Unique Folding Beauty Dishes

Available in a choice of 60cm, 80cm and 120cm diameter, and each of these sizes is available with reflective silver or reflective white interiors. The Lencarta Fabric Beauty Dishes fold up into a small bag for easy storage and transport. There are others available in the market, but they are more cheaply made with just 8 supporting rods (ours have 16) and "Beauty Dishes" with just 8 rods just send light in all directions except the correct one, so are not capable of producing a true beauty dish effect.

Our fabric folding beauty dishes are supplied with a free diffuser, a free honeycomb grid, a free metal deflector, and a free carry bag. When used with the deflector fitted, your beauty dish will, in effect, become a softbox.

White -v- Silver

Which one is best for you? Well, the choice of white or the silver results in different lighting qualities. A silver reflective light shaper will provide harder, more clearly defined shadow transfer edges, and the white will provide a softer more diffused look. Silver produces much more striking effects but requires models with very good bone structure, complexion and makeup and also requires more careful retouching, as it will show both faults and qualities in equal measure. White beauty dishes are more forgiving but less dramatic due to their less specular nature. With diffusers fitted, the difference between white and silver is very minor, almost unnoticeable

Size Guide

60cm Folding Beauty Dishes

80cm Folding Beauty Dishes

120cm Folding Beauty Dishes

Perfect for headshots and general portraiture. The smaller size means that the light created won't spread out as much as the larger beauty dishes. This size is also perfect for hair lights as well

A perfect in-between of the 60cm and 120cm variants. The 80cm beauty dish is at home in both small and large studios and can adequately light most of your model.

Perfect for full body shots, the 120cm beauty dish can create a large light source that will light just about any subject you throw at it, maintaining the effects of a beauty dish but at a larger size. Due to it's size however, best recommended for larger studios

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