Lencarta 130cm Shoot-Through Deep Parabolic Umbrella | Mask Bundle

Lencarta 130cm Shoot-Through Deep Parabolic Umbrella | Mask Bundle

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  • DIAMETER: 130cm
  • NO OF RIBS: 16

Whats in The box?

  • 1x 130cm shoot-through deep parabolic umbrella
  • 1x reflective mask

Lencarta 130cm Shoot-Through Deep Parabolic Umbrella with Reflective Mask

An Overview:

Boost the power of your 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella with the reflective mask which has been designed to bounce back any light that is reflected by the umbrella, this provides a more powerful yet still diffused light to come from the umbrella. Crafted with a thick heat resistant fabric, the level of quality and craftsmanship is noticeable with every feel. Made with strong reinforced ringlets.

Main Features:

VERSATILE USE: This shoot-through umbrella creates a soft, diffused light. Producing soft shadow transfer edges giving a more glowing effect. You can simply position the umbrella directly at your subject, allowing the light source to shine in the same direction, offering a layer of translucent diffusing material between the light and the subject.

STRONG BUILD QUALITY: Unlike standard umbrellas which use 8 rods, the 130cm deep parabolic umbrella uses 16 rods, providing it with the correct parabolic design. Crafted using the highest quality materials, this 16 rib umbrella has no light leak thanks to its thick heat resistant material construction. This large shoot through umbrella will find a home in any studio and will also pack up small to save space when not in use.IDEAL

UMBRELLA FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: This Shoot through umbrella is ideal for product and portrait photography. It can be used for full length portraits and also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps to avoid light fall-off from top to bottom as well as rim lighting and consistent product photography. The shoot-through deep parabolic umbrella is considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light

PARABOLIC DESIGN: This deep umbrella fully utilises the correct parabolic shape which will create a high quality of light. By using parabolic light you are ensuring a much higher quality effect in your final image and is great for portraiture to get dramatic looking shots, or even portrait photography the Lencarta Deep Parabolic Umbrella is the best option for high quality lighting

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