Light Stands & Boom Arms

Light Stands & Boom Arms

Choosing the right light stand for the job is crucial.

Our 2.5m air damped standard is ideal for most studio lighting, with plenty of height, a large footprint for safety and air damping to protect your equipment from damage.

Our combined stand is perfect for when low height is needed, right from floor level to 80cm, this comes into its own with still life photography and when using our strip softbox, which normally needs to be almost touching the floor, plus it needs to be square with the subject.

And our portable stand is the right choice for use with speedlights, including the Atom. But it isn't the right choice for studio flash heads.

And of course there are the boom arms. The studio boom arm kit is the right size for home studios, the heavy duty boom is the tool of choice for pro studios and the Parrellegram boom is suitable for very large studios with plenty of space, including a high ceiling.

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