Lencarta Product Photography Kit

Lencarta Product Photography Kit

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Lencarta Product Photography Studio Kit

An Overview

This photography bundle kit is the perfect option for any photographer working with product photography or in a similar studio environment. The smart flash 4 is a 300Ws mains powered strobe light giving you enough power for a range of different lighting techniques and settings. The century stand included will allow you to easily place your strobe above your subject whilst having two extra lights to help create dramatic lighting. 

Main Features

SMARTFLASH 4 STUDIO STROBE LIGHT: The Smartflash 4 studio light is the signature model from Lencarta. This light is perfect for using in product and portrait photography with a full output power of 300Ws. This also has a built in 2.4Ghz receiver so you can use this wirelessly with triggers. The light also comes with a 150W halostar modelling lamp which is fully adjustable. 

RELIABLE, RESISTANT AND VERSATILE LIGHTSTANDS: The 265cm light stands are made from the strongest aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. Able to support up to 5kg of weight at heights of up to 265cm this reliable light stand will protect your equipment from damage whilst making your workflow efficient. Included with this bundle is a floor/low level stand that can be very useful when it comes to product photography as often you will need your lights to be low down. 

STRONG BUILD QUALITY STRIP SOFTBOX 27CMX140CM: As well as using a thick material build quality, our strip softboxes have been made with a wide strip of Velcro type material that allows the diffusers and egg crate honeycomb to be fitted tightly and securely. This also allows the diffusers to be set back slightly within the Softbox which makes the light much more directional to avoid light spill

CENTURY STAND: Century stands (also known as C stands) have always been used in the movie industry, where very heavy duty and highly adjustable stands are essential. This model includes a strong and fully adjustable boom arm, which can be removed if not required. The century stand can be adjusted to any angle, including a near vertical point and can also be adjusted for length.

BARN DOOR COLOUR GEL KIT: Colour Gels are a great way to make your product photography stand out and look unique. With the barn door set, you can direct your light onto the subject or background to create the lighting effects. The colour gels can be securely fastened into the barn door set and are quick and easy to use.

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