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The Lencarta Wavesync 2.4GHz Transmitter is the perfect addition to any photographer who uses off camera flash with the canon system. This trigger allows you to use High Speed Sync (HSS) and is fully compatible with our godox range of flashes as well as our canon branded Godox Speedlites. 

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Lencarta WaveSync 2.4 Mach-C | Canon HSS Wireless Trigger

The Lencarta WaveSync 2.4 Mach Radio Trigger for Canon Cameras

The WaveSync 2.4 Mach-C runs off of a 2.4GHz RF Radio System, as well as being compatible with our SuperFast Pro, the WaveSync 2.4 Mach-C is also compatible with

It can also be compatible with other flash heads, such as our SmartFlash 4 (this has a built in receiver) or older models such as the ElitePro 2 or SuperFast 300 as long as they have a 2.4Ghz reciever plugged in.

The Features:

  • Clear LCD backlit screen allows for precise control, even in low light situations
  • By using the Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System, the WaveSync 2.4 Mach-C is compatible with most Godox Flash Heads and Flashguns
  • Transmitter range of 100 metres, allowing use almost anywhere
  • Use HSS to maximum shutter speed (usually 1/8000th second)
  • Built in technology allows for Rear-Curtain Sync
  • Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) in 1/3rd increments
  • Flash Exposure Bracket (FEB) in 1/3rd increments
  • Flash Exposure Lock (FEL)
  • Manual flash at 1/128th to 1/1 output (in 1/3rd increments)
  • Built in Remote Flash Zoom
  • Use the 5 groups, A, B, C, D, E and F to prevent accidentally firing someone elses flashes (or vice versa)
  • 32 channels to allow you to individually configure groups of flash heads, with up to 32 unique configurations
  • HSS Delay Setting from 0 to 19.9 milliseconds
  • Allows use of the modelling flash
  • Remember your settings with the Auto Memory Function
  • Use any flash head connected as an Auto-Focus Assist Beam
  • Wireless Shutter Release System
  • Port to allow wired shutter release
  • Micro USB port for firmware upgrades
  • PC sync cable port
  • Comes with our standard, no quibbles, no fuss 3 year warranty

1x Lencarta Wavesync 2.4 Mach-C Canon HSS Wireless Trigger 

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