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PLEASE NOTE: Light stands are not included.

This is a telescopic, adjustable background support converter for Muslin and paper roll backgrounds. It consists of an adjustable rod that fits to any suitable light stands (not included) and converts it into a Background Support System, the minimum width is 109cm and the maximum width is 300cm, which makes it ideal for any muslin or paper background up to 3m wide, and it can also be used for medium weight vinyl backgrounds.

  • Easy To Use
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Telescopic Bar
  • Portable

Lencarta Telescopic Background Support Converter


Telescopic Background Support ConverterBackground Support Telescopic Pole

PLEASE NOTE: Light stands are not included.

This is an ergonomically designed telescopic crossbar that is capable of applying to all photography light stands with an applicable spigot. It can extend or retract anywhere between 109-300cm.

The Main Features

  • COMPATIBILITY: The telescopic converter has two simple screw mounts on each end of the pole which can be connected with any size stand or spigot. You could also use a wall mounting system with this converter pole to hang your background.
  • EASY TO USE: The converter pole has a twist to release or lock mechanism which makes it simple and convenient to use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight bar is constructed using an aluminium alloy making it more reliable to use for heavier backgrounds. It can be used to hold a number of different background materials such as paper, vinyl or material.
  • ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPIC BAR: The telescopic background support converter is the perfect product to use for hanging backdrops between two light stands. You can adjust the bar between 109cm-300cm which makes the overall user experience more convenient.
  • PORTABLE: The minimum width of the background makes it ideal to use on location. Its 1.2kg weight also allows you to transport the pole without difficulty.

The Main Features

Twist Locking System
Universally Applied
Safe and Secure

Twist Locking System

The Telescopic Crossbar converter comes with a simple locking system, needing only the palm of your hand to securely keep it in place at any length you wish. This allows you to be super precise for any size backdrop up to 3m long.

Universally Applied

The converter can be universally applied to any size stand, c-stand, wall mount and more. Simply socket both ends onto the spigot or the stand itself and you're good to go. No further setup required.

Safe and Secure

The converter is made from aluminium alloy, meaning it is incredibly robust and able to support weights in excess of 5kg. Simply tighten the converter onto your chosen stand and it's as easy at that!


Minimum Width 109cm
Maximum Width 300cm
Weight 1.2kg
PLEASE NOTE Stands not included

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Stand TypeBackground Support

1x Telescopic Background Support Converter

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