Studio Lighting Kits

Studio Lighting Kits

Studio Flash Lighting Kits

Our products are available in just about every configuration, to suit your needs.

You can buy our mains powered flash heads either individually or in complete kits.

The SmartFlash 3 is our professional solution, with 300Ws of power and adjustment from full to 1/32nd power, and can also be controlled remotely.

The SuperFast (SF300) is our previous generation high speed flash head, and is the perfect solution for stopping action.

The new SuperFast Pro is our Flagship high speed flash head, and is the perfect solution for professional studios which need a head for every need which includes freezing the action.

Each of the kits listed below is ideal for portrait and family photography.
The lower powered kits, based on the SmartFlash 3 are perfect for small home studios, and the more powerful (800Ws) kits are ideal for larger professional studios

How do Lencarta products compare? Please click here to compare the various flash heads

Our battery powered Safari portable flash solution is available both as individual items and in kits.

And our Quadlite lighting system is ideal for video, and for people who prefer continuous lighting

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Please ring our customer support helpline on 01274 678842 for advice, we're here to help.

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