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Lencarta Studio Boom Arm KitEasily attach any equipment to this heavy boom arm thanks to its double-ended strong steel threaded spigot. Its lockable rubber caster wheels allow you to keep the boom arm in position whilst in use, yet with a simple flick of the lock, the stand can move freely around. his boom arm is fully adjustable for both height and reach, making it ideal for home studio and professional lighting use. The material is made entirely of steel and comes complete with a 4.5kg counterweight that can be adjusted to any position. The heavy-duty boom arm kit is perfect for any studio work as it allows for complete control over the positioning of your lights; whether you want to position your lights high above, or wheel them around until you find the perfect angle, this light stand allows for any adjustments and experimentations. 

Height Adjustable 113-118cm

4.5kg counterweight

3x Casters

Boom Arm Adjustable 130-223cm

Heavy-Duty Design

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Lencarta Studio Boom Arm Kit


Lencarta Studio Boom Arm Kit

The Lencarta heavy-duty studio boom arm is ideal for photographers and videographers working in both the film and photography business. The light stand tripod is a dedicated stand, with a reinforced mounting lock made of cast steel, making the boom arm fit perfectly and securely. The boom is also equipped with an inter-changeable threaded spigot, which can be attached at different angles, giving you more options with your lighting position. The 4.5kg counterweight (included) helps to balance the boom arm to ensure it doesn’t tip over when in use. The casters allow the whole boom arm to be easily moved around and will lock to ensure it holds its position. This Boom Arm Kit is perfect for all types of lighting and is a great addition to any lighting setup.

This light stand comes with the traditional 5/8" spigot that is compatible with all popular lighting options and modifiers. This spigot can be replaced if needed. The reinforced spigot safely holds your equipment, reducing the risk of accident and damage during your shoots. 

With a fully adjustable height between 113 and 180cm, combined with an adjustable boom arm height of 130 to 223cm, this stand is perfect for positioning your lighting securely overhead. With reinforced mechanisms make sure that when any positioning is decided upon and arranged, the stand won't risk dropping its position, nor your equipment, from this location. 

The heavy-duty boom arm kit is placed securely onto wheels. These can be locked at any time to prevent movement, however, when unlocked this allows you to move your stand, and any attached equipment, easily and smoothly. 


Attach more equipment

Foldable and Portable
Adjustable Height

Attach More Equipment

Easily attach more equipment to this heavy-duty boom thanks to the strong interchangeable spigot. Giving you more options than ever, the spigot can be attached at different angles so you can always get the perfect shot.

Foldable and Portable

Easily transport your boom arm with its foldable design. Great for work on location or home studios as the stand can be folded away and stored with ease. The foldable nature of this light stand makes it the perfect companion for location shoots where more heavy-duty equipment is needed, or safety of equipment is a concern. 

Adjustable Height

Get your stand to the perfect height with the built-in bracket, making changing it up between shots easier than ever. The light stand can be extended between 113cm-188cm and the boom arm 130cm-223cm. This height allows you to place your lighting in previously unreachable positions, such as high above your subject. 

Multi Functional

Strong Build and Quality
User Friendly


The studio boom arm is suitable for use with flash heads, umbrellas, light reflectors, softboxes, strobes, and even ring lights, thanks to the standard 5/8" spigot that is also interchangeable!

Strong Build and Quality

Weighing 9.8kg and fitted with a counterweight this boom arm is built to last and create a sturdy addition to any studio. This light stand is a durable option for any studio. Its strong build makes accidents much less likely and protects your equipment against falls and drops. 

User Friendly

Easy to install, the boom head features a handle and brackets to easily attach the extendable boom arm and adjust into position. Casters help portability of the stand on set. With the casters and extendable height, this light stand opens up a new range of potential lighting options, such as high above your subject.


Maximum Height 180cm
Minimum Height 113cm
Maximum Footprint 85cm
Minimum Arm Length 130cm
Maximum Arm Length 223cm
Weight 9.8kg
Colour Black
Brand Lencarta
No. of Casters 3

    Heavy Duty Stand

    Safety advice:

    With all boom arms, is essential for safety, and to prevent damage to the product, to:

    • 1. Arrange the stand so that one leg is pointing directly towards the flash head
    • 2. Balance the weight of the flash head and any modifier fitted to it with the counterweight. Please be sure to move the counterweight to the point where the boom is balanced and does not actually need to be tightened in order to hold it at the required angle. If the counterweight is insufficient, please either add more weight or adjust the effective length of the boom in order to balance the weight. Overtightening the boom arm clamp to compensate for an unbalanced boom is unsafe and will shorten the life of your boom arm.

    What's In The Box?

    • 1x Dedicated Stand
    • 1x Boom Arm
    • 1x Counter Weight
    • 3x Casters
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