Lencarta SmartFlash 4 900Ws Lighting Kit with 2 Softboxes & 1 Umbrella (300/300/300)

Lencarta SmartFlash 4 900Ws Lighting Kit with 2 Softboxes & 1 Umbrella (300/300/300)

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SmartFlash 4 Three Head Studio Lighting Kit

SmartFlash 4 900Ws (300/300/300) Lighting Kit With Two Twin 85 x 85cm Softboxes and 1 Umbrella

The Lencarta SmartFlash 4 Three Head Studio Lighting Kit, Twin 85cm Square Softboxes

This kit includes everything you need to get started in studio photography, the SmartFlash 4 Studio Kit includes three newly designed ultra compact flash heads, offering many features, including a 5-stop power range, full remote control, fan cooling and full modelling lamp control. The SmartFlash 4 also offers fast flash durations, quick recycle times and full compatibility with other Lencarta flash heads and accessories. Also included in the kit are:

  • 3 x 2.6m stands
  • 2 x 85x85cm Chiaro Softbox
  • 1 x 100cm White Reflective Umbrella
  • 1 x 7" Standard Reflector
  • Modelling Lamps
  • Power Leads
  • Sync Leads
  • A Wavesync Commander remote control kit (which consists of a master unit that fits into your camera hotshoe and three receiver units, one for each flash head)

Please note that a honeycomb grid is now available for these softboxes, please click here for details. Honeycomb grids provide excellent control of light spread and, when used behind or at the side of the subject, also control lens flare

The Wavesync Commander System allows you to Control each flash head from the Commander Unit, which simply slots into your camera hotshoe. The flash heads can be adjusted either individually or together, as you wish, and as well as adjusting the power, it can switch flash heads on or off and also switch the modelling lamp, flash, ready, beep and slave cell on or off

This kit is ideal for family portrait photography and many other uses. It is also ideal as an extra kit for lighting white backgrounds, which need two lights on the background, providing perfectly even and consistent lighting. With a total of 600Ws of power, this kit has plenty of power for small and medium sized home studios. 2 Flash Head and 4 Flash Head kits are also available if required and these will allow you to produce more creative work, and you can also add accessories such as softboxes, 5 in 1 Reflectors etc to your shopping cart - or you can get them later, whichever suits you best.

Please feel free to ring our customer support helpline on +44 1274 955440 for advice, we``re here to help.

Who Is This Perfect For?

  • Home studio photographers, who need an economical studio lighting solution that``s also very versatile.
  • Event Photographers, who need a capable, economical, rugged flash head.
  • Creative portrait, artistic glamour photographers
  • Still Life Photographers
  • Product Photographers

Who Is This Not As Perfect For?

  • Fashion, dance and sports photographers who need to get pin-sharp photos of very fast moving subjects - Please take a look at our SuperFast Pro
  • Location photographers who need battery powered flashes. Please choose a flash head from our Location Flash Range instead

The Main Features Of The SmartFlash 4 Two Head Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit

  • Voltage: 200-250V (adjusts automatically)
  • Fan cooled: Yes (can be used all day every day if required without danger of overheating)
  • Modelling lamp: 150 Watt Halostar - bright enough to show exactly where the shadows will fall
  • Recycling speed: 1.2 second at full power, 0.3 second at minimum power - fast enough to allow shots to be taken in quick succession
  • Output consistency: - 0.1 EV (1/10th stop) Every shot taken will have exactly the same exposure and the same colour as your other shots.
  • Colour temperature 5090K
  • Flash duration at full power, t.5. 1/2700 second - fast enough to create pin-sharp photos of all but the fastest-moving subjects
  • 5 stops of power adjustment (full to 1/32nd power) - allows a wide choice of lens apertures
  • Slave sensor: Yes - can sense another flash, and fire in response if needed.
  • Umbrella fitting: Yes, any make or type of umbrella can be used
  • Sync voltage: less than 5 volts (safe with any camera)
  • Triggering methods: Radio trigger, Wavesync Commander System, infra red trigger or sync cable - includes Wavesync Commander System, other methods can be used as backups.

What`s In The Box?

Each Flash Head Also Includes:

  • 1 x Protective Head Cap
  • 1 x Mains Power Lead (Either UK or EU dependent on location)
  • 1 x PC Sync Cable (used to directly connect the flash head to your camera)
  • 1 x 150W Modelling Lamp
  • 2 x Spare fuses

Here Are Some Independent Reviews

Please note these are for the predecessor the SmartFlash 2 however the SmartFlash 3 is almost exactly the same apart from it``s 50% more powerful!

The Three Year Warranty

We love to give our customers piece of mind. That`s why we offer three year warranty on all of our Studio Lighting Kits

Here at Lencarta we have our own in-house repair facility, operated by our factory-trained electronic engineers. Because of this, our warranty is unlike most others, fully comprehensive with no strings attached. We will even continue to provide repairs outside of warranty, this even stands for discontinued stock

Read More About The Warranty Here: Please Click Here

Flash head
Guide No. (feet) 318
Guide No. (metres) 97
f/ with standard reflector @ 10' f/31.8
f/ with 60 x 60cm softbox @ 10' f/16.2
f/ with150cm softbox @ 10' f/11.8
Colour temperature at minimum power 4755K
Colour temperature at full power 5090K
Flash duration at maximum power, t.1 1/900th second. This approximates to the action stopping potential of using a shutter speed outdoors of 1/900th second. The figure used by most sellers is based on a t.5 time, which produces a much higher figure but which is far less meaningful.
Colour temperature consistency Variation between flashes is not more than 40K
Flash duration at minimum power, t.1 1/400th second. This approximates to the action stopping potential of using a shutter speed outdoors of 1/400th second. The figure used by most sellers is based on a t.5 time, which produces a much higher figure but which is far less meaningful.
Mains/battery Mains, can also be used with any 3rd party battery system
Standard S-fit accessory mount Yes
Modelling lamp power 150 Watts
Modelling lamp dims during recycling Yes
Switchable flash ready beep Yes
Open flash/test button Yes
Length of body (cm) 30
Remote control available Yes
Umbrella socket Yes, at base of unit. Accepts standard 8mm umbrella
Fan cooling Yes
Godox Witstro / Lencarta Atom
Power adjustment range 5 stops
Recycling speed 1.2 sec at full power 0.3 sec at minimum power
Switchable slave sensor Yes
Weight (kg) 1.78
Power adjustment display Digital
Overheat protection system Yes
Can ignore Pre-Flash Yes, set to S2
Length of warranty 3 Years
Length (ready to use) 85cm
Width (ready to use) 85cm
Depth (ready to use) 40cm
Lighting stands
Minimum height 120cm
Maximum height 360cm
Maximum footprint 95cm
Umbrella Diameter 100cm
Shaft diameter 8mm with sealed end
No. of ribs 8
Radius 30cm
Light qualities Soft reflective with neutral white colour
Beauty Dish
Weight in box (kg) 0.995

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