With an increased depth of 154mm, the 7" Standard Bowens S-Fit Honeycomb Reflector from Lencarta is specifically designed to be used with 7" (167mm) metallic honeycombs without a need to remove long form factor modelling lamps. The mottled finish of the honeycomb reflector provides a slightly softer and more natural look to your flashes output. The reflector still includes an umbrella socket with an optional cover.

  • Deeper depth @ 154mm
  • Fits most 7" Reflector Accessories
  • Works around long form factor modelling lamps
  • Mottled Silver Interior
  • Bowens S-Type
  • Aluminium Structure
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7" Bowens S-Type Honeycomb Reflector

Lencarta Honeycomb Reflector

The increased depth allows it to be used with a honeycomb fitted, without the need to remove the modelling lamp. This makes life much easier, however with a honeycomb fitted in place, heat from the modelling lamp builds up quickly and cannot be dissipated by the fan, so it is essential to switch off the modelling lamp as soon as setup has been completed. It accepts both Lencarta and all other standard 7" honeycombs (which have a diameter of 167mm). Another special feature of our Honeycomb Reflector is that the mottled finish does not extend for the full length of the interior, this produces a much better effect when used with a honeycomb.

And it has another great benefit too. The lip into which the honeycomb fits is much deeper than usual and this allows up to two honeycombs to be fitted at the same time. This allows the front honeycomb to be partially rotated, creating a very different lighting effect and, in effect, creating an infinitely variable narrow angle honeycomb!


Diameter 167cm
Depth 154mm
Umbrella Hole Yes
Mount Lencarta/Bowens S-Fit
Colour Black Exterior, Silver Interior
Brand Lencarta

What's In The Box?

  • 1x 7" Bowens S-Fit Honeycomb Reflector
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