Designed exclusively for our range of 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, this reflective mask is intended for the 130cm Silver Reflective and White Reflective Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, these diffusing masks are designed to allow the light reflected from the reflective material of the umbrella to pass through this diffusing mask to provide a softer more diffused light. This in essence makes the 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella into a large softbox that benefits from a parabolic design.

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Lencarta Diffusing Mask for 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella

Diffusing Mask for 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrella

The thick heat resistant material

Crafted with a thick heat resistant fabric, the level of quality and craftsmanship is noticeable with every feel, Our 130cm Diffusing Mask has been UV coated to provide a superior diffusing quality, that provides a more even spread of light.

Made with strong reinforced ringlets, using the Diffusing Mask with our 130cm Silver Reflective and White Reflective Deep Parabolic Umbrella is simple, easy and fool proof. All you have to do is simply attach the 16 ringlets through the 16 extruding rods of the 130cm Silver Reflective or White Reflective Parabolic Umbrella and it's as simple as that, no fuss and impossible to get wrong

Upgrading your studio lighting kits?

Kitting out your studio, or looking to start afresh? Our 130cm Deep Parabolic Umbrellas are ideal for a studio of any size, and thanks to their parabolic design will give a wide spread of light. Our Reflective and Diffusing masks are ideal to give your umbrellas that little extra kick to get the most out of them.

Interested in a studio photography lighting kit? Check out our studio lighting kits, but if that doesn't quite have everything you need, feel free to get in touch via phone, email or livechat and we'll sort you out the perfect kit, crafted for you, unique to you. Get in touch now for more details

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