This Reflector is directly compatible with the Lencarta Smartflash range! Sizing in at 7", this reflector is a lightweight and portable addition to your Smartflash. Including an entry point for an umbrella, as well as the ability to work with any standard 7" size honeycomb, this reflector can be modified to grant even greater lighting options and variations.

Width: 18cm

Depth: 13.5cm

Standard 7" Size

Umbrella Entry Hole

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Lencarta 7" Standard Reflector For SmartFlash 2 , 3 & 4

Lencarta 7" Standard Reflector For SmartFlash 2 , 3 & 4

This is the standard reflector designed for use with the SmartFlash 2,3 and 4 flash heads.

This reflector includes an entry point for an umbrella (which fits into a clamp at the bottom of the unit), and because it has a standard 7" diameter plus a lip, it can accommodate all standard honeycombs too.


Width 18cm
Depth 13.5cm

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